Calibrate your microprocessor DCO using UART
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When your micro's main clock frequency is software configurable, why not set it exactly to what you want?



NOTE: On MSP430, UART is bitbanged through pins 1.1 (MCU RX) and 1.2 (MCU TX). This follows the G2553 default.

By default, this will determine the constants for 16MHz.
1) Download, extract, etc and run make. If this does not work, check that the requirements are fulfilled.
2) Flash the program to your chip, something like (for the LaunchPad)

mspdebug rf2500 'prog UART_CALIBRATION.elf'

3) Run the host calibration program


4) You will see a long stream of characters. See the source for details.
At the end you will see the DCO and BCSCTL1 constants printed.

5) If you want to recalibrate, reset your micro via a reset button or

mspdebug rf2500 'reset'

and run step 3 again.


This is a combination of two programs, one on the host, and one on the micro, that communicate to each other to get the DCO to a target frequency.

Supported host hardware:
Any Serial interface

Supported micros:
MSP430 series

This work is inspired by goldilocks.cpp from Rick Kimball's fabooh project

Please see source files.