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When your micro's main clock frequency is software configurable, why not set it exactly to what you want?
+By default, this will determine the constants for 16MHz.
+1) Download, extract, etc and run make. If this does not work, check that the requirements are fulfilled.
+2) Flash the program to your chip, something like (for the LaunchPad)
+mspdebug rf2500 'prog UART_CALIBRATION.elf'
+3) Run the host calibration program
+4) You will see a long stream of characters. See the source for details.
+At the end you will see the DCO and BCSCTL1 constants printed.
+5) If you want to recalibrate, reset your micro via a reset button or
+mspdebug rf2500 'reset'
+and run step 3 again.
This is a combination of two programs, one on the host, and one on the micro, that communicate to each other to get the DCO to a target frequency.
Supported host hardware:
@@ -15,4 +46,5 @@ This work is based on goldilocks.cpp from Rick Kimball's fabooh project
Please see source files.

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