Swift Heads: Universal SpriteKit Template for iOS, tvOS & OSX - 3 Platforms with 1 codebase!
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Universal Sprite Kit Game Template

Create a game to run on iOS, OS/X and tvOS with a single code base! tvOS

This is a starter project to allow you to build a universal game that will run on:

1. tvOS
2. iOS
3. OS/X


  • This code will run on all three platforms with a shared code base.
  • It shares assets and scenes under the "Universal" folder.
  • This is meant to be a starter template. (The example gameplay is just for demonstration purposes and can easily be removed and replaced with your own code in the GameScene.swift file).
  • User interactions (touches & mouse clicks) are abstracted out in the "Universal" section. This allows everything to be run from a shared code base.
  • Write once, run on three platforms!

Swift Heads Presentation

This is a supplementary project to Matthew Fecher's (@goFecher) presentation on Swift & Sprite Kit Game Design.
DENVER SWIFT HEADS MEETUP, January 14, 2016: Details Here

Demo Music & Gfx

This starter template includes four (4) songs created as a part of an open-source Synthesizer project I am working on. Stay tuned! You are free to use these background music songs in any of your apps. The graphics are just for demo purposes.

Additional Library

This starter template includes Ray Wenderlich's excellent SKTUtils Library. These routines include several helpful custom effects, math, conversion, and other useful Sprite Kit routines.

Resources for SpriteKit/Game Dev

Sites for learning:
Ray Wenderlich: raywenderlich.com
Cartoon Smart: cartoonsmart.com
Erica Sadun: ericasadun.com
Apple: developer.apple.com/library/ios/

GameplayKit Entity & Component Tutorial
Randomization in GameplayKit
Apple's example GameplayKit game

SpriteKit Playgrounds:
SpriteKit Playground Experimentation

Rule-based Crowd Behavior for Intelligent Games (Purdue CS Dept)
Northwestern University Flocking Introduction

Additional Resources:
SpriteKit with Swift 2 Tutorial for Beginners
Mixing SpriteKit with UIKit
SKPhysicsBody Path Generator
Bitmap Font Generator