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Analog Devices, Inc.

Analog Devices is a global high-performance analog technology company solving tough engineering challenges with innovative hardware and software solutions.

Analog Devices develops open-source software to bring choice, technology and community to our customers, partners and others.

You will find both original source code created by ADI Engineers, and forks of various existing open-source projects where we are contributing ADI specific layers. Sharing early development is a great way to get access to code, and interact directly with developers, through GitHub issues, EngineerZone, or pull requests.

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Take caution in using code found in this organization, as not all licenses are OSI License Compatible


  1. libiio libiio Public

    A cross platform library for interfacing with local and remote Linux IIO devices

    C 465 302

  2. hdl hdl Public

    HDL libraries and projects

    Verilog 1.4k 1.5k

  3. no-OS no-OS Public

    Software drivers in C for systems without an operating system

    C 858 1.6k

  4. linux linux Public

    Linux kernel variant from Analog Devices; see for details

    C 396 808

  5. scopy scopy Public

    A software oscilloscope and signal analysis toolset

    C++ 369 157

  6. iio-oscilloscope iio-oscilloscope Public

    A GTK+ based oscilloscope application for interfacing with various IIO devices

    C 244 140


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