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msuciu and mirceacaprioru Add requirements.txt and
requirements.txt can be used to recreate the same python environment used for

Signed-off-by:  Mihai Suciu <>
Latest commit 9393f6f Jul 19, 2019
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ADuCM3029_Asset_Health ADuCM3029_Asset_Health: Change interrupt polarity Apr 17, 2019
ADuCM3029_IBMWatson_Greenhouse sensors: cn0410: fix uninit struct Jul 17, 2019
ADuCM3029_demo_adxl362 ADuCM3029_demo_adxl362: Add main application Apr 17, 2019
ADuCM3029_demo_cli cli_demo: fix compiler path to "include" folder Feb 15, 2019
ADuCM3029_demo_cn0397 ADuCM3029_demo_cn0397: Add main application Apr 17, 2019
ADuCM3029_demo_cn0398 cn0398: fix ph computation formula Mar 8, 2019
ADuCM3029_demo_cn0410 ADuCM3029_demo_cn0410: Initial commit Jun 5, 2018
ADuCM3029_demo_cn0414 cn0414: scr: swuart: fix memory leak Jul 17, 2019
ADuCM3029_demo_cn0415 cn0415: initial commit Feb 27, 2019
ADuCM3029_demo_cn0418 cn0418: add main file, configuration file and AD5755 DAC driver May 24, 2019
ADuCM3029_demo_cn0428_cn0429 cn0428_cn0429:Initial commit - Address code review issues Feb 9, 2019
ADuCM3029_test_project ADuCM3029: Update the test project according to the latest DFP and BSP Jul 26, 2017
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