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Welcome to the EVAL-ADICUP360 wiki!


You can find all the necessary documentation explaining the projects for the EVAL-ADICUP360 on the Analog Devices EVAL-ADICUP360 Wiki.

Arduino Libraries

Marcus has been kind enough to develop some Arduino-like libraries to use with the EVAL-ADICUP360. So for those user who are familiar with the Arduino libraries, but want the added computing power and analog precision of the EVAL-ADICUP360, you can go over to Marcus's Git repository and download his libraries.EVAL-ADICUP360 Arduino-like libraries

Important Note: These libraries HAVE NOT been tested by Analog Devices and are not supported by Analog Devices. They have been created and maintained by a third party. Analog Devices assumes no responsibility for their features or function.


You can purchase your own EVAL-ADICUP360 board by visiting the Analog Devices website or by visiting any of Analog Devices authorized distribution partners.

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