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This repository contains the schematics and hardware design files. There are several related repositories:

About the M1K

The ADALM1000 is an analog multitool. By sourcing and measuring voltage and current, the M1K opens up a world that has previously been restricted by monolithic, bulky, and hard-to-use tools. Learners can explore a wide range of concepts including everything from AC/DC electricity and resistance to work / energy, torque / speed, heat flow, and electrochemistry. As tinkerers, we've used our earlier versions as a multimeter to sort components in our junk bins, a programmable interface device to test new sensors, a power supply to fuel our breadboards, a web-based datalogger, and every possible combination therein.


  • tightly integrated, well documented, 100% open-source software for data analysis and real-time measurement
  • flexible drivers offer integration with existing sensors, actuators, and software
  • user interface makes exploration seamless and painless across Mac, Windows, and Linux, in the garage, in the lab, and at school
  • USB powered and controlled, requiring only one cable
  • sub-millivolt and sub-milliamp precision and accuracy
  • two watt power output, allowing for direct use with a wide range of motors, lights, and sensors
  • two channels, capable of sourcing and measuring up to 5V and 200mA each
  • 100k+ samples per second of voltage & current set/measurement at 16bit resolution
  • 96MHz ARM processor - SAM3U2C
  • DP9056 compatible form-factor

Development is ongoing.

All schematics and board layouts for this project are released under a Creative Commons BY-SA license.