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Analog Devices Inc. Software drivers for systems without OS.


The majority of ADI's products are peripherals to a non-ADI digital engine (FPGA, microprocessor, or microcontroller). While there is major work underway on FPGAs (Xilinx and Intel/Altera) and microprocessors (running an operating system like Linux), the efforts on microcontrollers are fragmented due to the diverse nature of the microcontroller market. The goal of these projects (microcontroller/no-OS) is to be able to provide reference projects for lower end processors, which can't run Linux or aren't running a specific operating system, to help customers using FPGA/microcontrollers with ADI parts.


For more information about no-OS drivers, please visit our wiki page.

Code documentation is automatically generated using Doxygen tool, available at no-OS Github Pages.


Build guide for no-OS projects:

Code Style

When writing code, please follow the style guidelines.

Which branch should I use?

  • If you want to use the most stable code base, always use the latest release branch.

  • If you want to use the greatest and latest, check out the main branch.


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