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@mhennerich mhennerich released this Jan 14, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release


  • Switched to the arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc hard-float toolchain.
  • Implemented workaround for broken write sysdef.
  • Update HDL to hdl_2018_r2 branch
  • Use Vivado 2018.2
  • Switched to Linux kernel 4.14
  • Enabled ext4 filesystem support
  • Minor Linux driver bug fixing see full log below
  • libiio Version 0.17
  • libad9361-iio Version 0.2

14a6611 PlutoSDR: Prepare for v0.30 release
e7622c2 plutosdr-fw: Update to 2018_R2 release and move to Vivado 2018.2
2e943aa Add note about gcc toolchains

Changelog buildroot:

analogdevicesinc/buildroot@2e4817b package: libad9361-iio: Bump to Version 0.2 - switch to release mechanism
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@d4c1784 S23udc, S45msd : Tell users if it is a AD9364, or a AD9363
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@b1516ec package/libiio/ Bump to Version 0.17
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@e1476e4 pluto html: Update pluto mass storage page, based on user feedback
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@42b3354 S40network: Be a little more pedantic
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@11e0544 S45msd : indicate if one or two cores are enabled.
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@fea212a configs/zynq_pluto_defconfig: Switch to HF toolchain found in Vivado 2018.2
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@44754e3 package/libiio/ Bump to Version 0.16
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@1f06980 board/m2k/ Add update firmware script
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@987c79b configs/zynq_m2k_defconfig: Switch to arm-linux-gnueabihf toolchain

Changelog Linux: (only related commits)

analogdevicesinc/linux@c2041af arm: configs: zynq_pluto_defconfig: Enable ext4 filesystem support
analogdevicesinc/linux@4e51492 iio: adc: ad9361: Fix to prevent invalid RFBW setting during enable FIR
analogdevicesinc/linux@70b6b10 dma: axi-dmac: terminate early DMA transfers after a partial one
analogdevicesinc/linux@31baa60 dma: axi-dmac: populate residue info for completed xfers
analogdevicesinc/linux@bc30b52 dma: axi-dmac: assign copy_align property
analogdevicesinc/linux@5b98ee8 iio: adc: ad9361: MGC maintain gain in case we cross a gaintable boundary
analogdevicesinc/linux@e208142 iio: adc: ad9361: Fix external LO mode in TDD mode
analogdevicesinc/linux@9d38c46 iio: adc: ad9361: Avoid checking LO synthesizer lock in power down mode
analogdevicesinc/linux@c726813 iio: adc: ad9361: Fix out_voltage0_hardwaregain_available reading
analogdevicesinc/linux@f0fd895 dts: Update deprecated axi-dmac channel bindings
analogdevicesinc/linux@a44ccb9 dts: Remove deprectated axi-dmac properties
analogdevicesinc/linux@04231a9 dma: axi-dmac: don't check the number of frames for alignment
analogdevicesinc/linux@a288f0f dma: axi-dmac: Enable FLAG_LAST independent of FLAG_CYCLIC
analogdevicesinc/linux@78f1a03 dma: axi-dmac: Add support for interleaved cyclic transfers
analogdevicesinc/linux@81b8105 dma: axi-dmac: Enable DMA_INTERLEAVE capability
analogdevicesinc/linux@7adb27a arch: arm: configs: zynq_pluto_defconfig: Update for kernel 4.14
analogdevicesinc/linux@8d85c16 dts: ad936x: remove unused properties
analogdevicesinc/linux@8bbac0f iio: frequency: cf_axi_dds: Fix bug caused by probe sequence ordering
analogdevicesinc/linux@1dab1c1 dts: ad936x: Enable TX LO power-down managed mode
analogdevicesinc/linux@be4d17e drivers: iio: ad9361: Introduce TX LO power-down managed mode
analogdevicesinc/linux@f307784 drivers: iio: ad9361: Fix out_volatge_hardwaregain_available readings
analogdevicesinc/linux@d95bc0b dma: axi-dmac: Discover length alignment requirement

Changelog u-boot:

analogdevicesinc/u-boot-xlnx@89d0754 configs: zynq_m2k_defconfig: Set bootldelay 0
analogdevicesinc/u-boot-xlnx@c7d5f61 board: xilinx: zynq: board: Optimize board_late_init

Changelog HDL: (only related commits)

analogdevicesinc/hdl@46f16f0 axi_dmac/tb: Add support for xsim
analogdevicesinc/hdl@8fdd27c axi_ad9361: Mark rst output as active high
analogdevicesinc/hdl@db25ee1 axi_dmac: fix transfer start synchronization
analogdevicesinc/hdl@9d6f3de axi_dmac: assert xfer_request only when ready
analogdevicesinc/hdl@20ac7dc axi_dmac: component level testbench updates
analogdevicesinc/hdl@a4c4e38 axi_dmac: early abort 2d support
analogdevicesinc/hdl@a1cc20e axi_dmac: early abort support
analogdevicesinc/hdl@2f3a959 axi_dmac: request generator reworked to use FSM
analogdevicesinc/hdl@eb40b42 axi_dmac: preparation work for reporting length of partial transfers
analogdevicesinc/hdl@0203cd6 axi_dmac: drive destination eot from source side
analogdevicesinc/hdl@681b619 axi_dmac: wire destination descriptor through source
analogdevicesinc/hdl@f98c9e4 ad_dds_2: Don't try to round if signal is not truncated
analogdevicesinc/hdl@ef4ceac axi_dmac: Reduce the width of ID signals to minimum
analogdevicesinc/hdl@cff06bd axi_dmac: Use AXI3 for DMAC in Intel projects
analogdevicesinc/hdl@ec8a2cd adrv936x/ccbox_lvds: unconnected clock for ad9361 input protection
analogdevicesinc/hdl@4d8008e axi_dmac: fix address width detection
analogdevicesinc/hdl@79003c5 ad_dds: Fix synthesis updates
analogdevicesinc/hdl@892febe ad_dds_2: Remove unused disable logic feature
analogdevicesinc/hdl@8a306ce axi_ad9162: Updates for ad_dds phase acc wrapper
analogdevicesinc/hdl@8cd8815 axi_ad9152: Updates for ad_dds phase acc wrapper
analogdevicesinc/hdl@a2d3c87 axi_adrv9009: Updates for ad_dds phase acc wrapper
analogdevicesinc/hdl@92f0e80 jesd204/ad_ip_jesd204_tpl_dac: Updates for ad_dds phase acc wrapper
analogdevicesinc/hdl@5284603 axi_ad9963: Updates for ad_dds phase acc wrapper
analogdevicesinc/hdl@92dbd75 axi_ad9739a: Updates for ad_dds phase acc wrapper
analogdevicesinc/hdl@25dbca7 axi_ad9371: Updates for ad_dds phase acc wrapper
analogdevicesinc/hdl@42abe0c axi_ad9361: Updates for ad_dds phase acc wrapper
analogdevicesinc/hdl@d27ed93 axi_ad9144: Updates for ad_dds phase acc wrapper
analogdevicesinc/hdl@4a73e32 axi_ad9122: Updates for ad_dds phase accumulator wrapper
analogdevicesinc/hdl@a7f5746 ad_dds: Add selectable phase width option.
analogdevicesinc/hdl@7b55399 Add ad_dds.v
analogdevicesinc/hdl@35e8454 Rename ad_dds.v to ad_dds_2.v
analogdevicesinc/hdl@ad7e95b ad_dds: Add selectable out data width and fair rounding
analogdevicesinc/hdl@2c1f919 ad_dds_1.v: Fully use the selectable data width feature
analogdevicesinc/hdl@3dc7be3 ad_dds_sine_cordic: Fix sine pic to pic amplitude.
analogdevicesinc/hdl@6a18536 ad_dds: Separated phase width from data width
analogdevicesinc/hdl@664c46e ad_dds_sine_cordic: Ajust for rounding errors
analogdevicesinc/hdl@c617302 ad_dds_cordic: Move the shifting operation
analogdevicesinc/hdl@a96d9bd ad_dds_sine: Cosmetic updates only
analogdevicesinc/hdl@43f460e ad_dds_cordic_pipe.v: Optimize for implementation
analogdevicesinc/hdl@dc80048 ad_dds_sine_cordic.v: Suppress warning
analogdevicesinc/hdl@ad425de ad_dds_1.v: Fix concatenation width mismatch
analogdevicesinc/hdl@ca81397 axi_ad9361: : Update for CORDIC algorithm
analogdevicesinc/hdl@4362c35 ad_dds: Update for CORDIC algorithm integration
analogdevicesinc/hdl@4c32b47 ad_dds_1: Update for CORDIC algorithm integration
analogdevicesinc/hdl@0e114a3 ad_dds: Add sine generator using CORDIC algorithm
analogdevicesinc/hdl@e79992f axi_dmac: TLAST support for 2d transfers
analogdevicesinc/hdl@c5b62a0 axi_dmac: fix 2d transfer address width
analogdevicesinc/hdl@e794d04 axi_dmac: renamed .h files to .vh
analogdevicesinc/hdl@7713738 axi_dmac: ttcl file support for simulation
analogdevicesinc/hdl@0d0989d axi_dmac: diagnostic interface in bursts
analogdevicesinc/hdl@7f4b6ca axi_dmac: Remove unused constraint
analogdevicesinc/hdl@e2c75c0 axi_dmac: add tlast to the axis interface for Intel
analogdevicesinc/hdl@8ddcffc axi_dmac: Enforce transfer length and stride alignments
analogdevicesinc/hdl@c4cb3df axi_dmac: Move transfer abort logic to data mover
analogdevicesinc/hdl@92984dc axi_dmac: Move sync transfer start logic to the data mover
analogdevicesinc/hdl@62969bd axi_dmac: Cleanup data mover
analogdevicesinc/hdl@44e09f5 axi_dmac: Remove backpressure from the source pipeline
analogdevicesinc/hdl@7d643e2 axi_dmac: Limit number of bursts on the source side
analogdevicesinc/hdl@d80175d axi_dmac: Remove second destination side register slice
analogdevicesinc/hdl@0d337ed axi_dmac: Eliminate beat counter for the destination interfaces
analogdevicesinc/hdl@71e14f6 axi_dmac: Route destination request ID through the burst memory
analogdevicesinc/hdl@859e3d2 axi_dmac: Rework data store-and-forward buffer
analogdevicesinc/hdl@fa99afc axi_dmac: dest_axi_mm: Simplify dependency management
analogdevicesinc/hdl@8c1d8e2 axi_dmac: Allow to disable FIFO interfaces immediately
analogdevicesinc/hdl@8937c36 axi_dmac: Hook up rlast for MM-AXI source interface
analogdevicesinc/hdl@8b272cf axi_dmac: Add testbenches that exercise DMA shutdown
analogdevicesinc/hdl@02bc91a axi_dmac: Rework transfer shutdown
analogdevicesinc/hdl@95c98c6 axi_dmac: Split transfer handling into separate sub-module
analogdevicesinc/hdl@80cfe26 axi_dmac: Be more specific about debug register timing exceptions
analogdevicesinc/hdl@80e7ba5 axi_dmac: Revert EOT memory to FIFO structure
analogdevicesinc/hdl@8b8df70 axi_dmac: request_generator: Remove reset from data path
analogdevicesinc/hdl@6bc1eae axi_dmac: 2d_transfer: Remove resets from data path
analogdevicesinc/hdl@6b7a464 axi_dmac: address_generator: Remove resets from data path
analogdevicesinc/hdl@67600f9 axi_dmac: Use localparam instead of parameter
analogdevicesinc/hdl@cf52081 axi_dmac: Increase default store-and-forward memory size to 8 bursts
analogdevicesinc/hdl@b18b16f axi_dmac: Use a more descriptive label for the store-and-forward memory size
analogdevicesinc/hdl@15b0e38 axi_dmac: List valid store-and-forward memory sizes
analogdevicesinc/hdl@682895c axi_dmac: dest_axi_stream: Remove outdated comment
analogdevicesinc/hdl@7a804c1 axi_dmac: Fix debug ID order
analogdevicesinc/hdl@3f94fec axi_dmac/dma_write_tb: added data integrity check
analogdevicesinc/hdl@5c2e10e axi_dmac: added ModelSim support to
analogdevicesinc/hdl@ee4932e axi_dmac: made vlog pass
analogdevicesinc/hdl@24d17e8 axi_dmac: Add transfer testbenches
analogdevicesinc/hdl@b3f027f axi_dmac: Add simple register map testbench
analogdevicesinc/hdl@ef3687e axi_dmac: Split register map into separate sub-module
analogdevicesinc/hdl@ccb69e7 axi_dmac: axi_dmac_hw.tcl: Use ad_ip_files helper
analogdevicesinc/hdl@ee57f86 axi_dmac: Fix bus resize block reset

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@mhennerich mhennerich released this Aug 20, 2018 · 7 commits to master since this release


  • Minor Linux driver bug fixing see full log below.
  • Update to libIIO Version 0.15
  • Add firmware update script
  • Some license file updates
  • Update HDL to hdl_2018_r1 branch
  • Use Vivado 2017.4


d8766c7 Merge pull request #22 from analogdevicesinc/readme-fix
9ae5054 Matching SDK and HDL compiler versions in readme setup steps
81cb640 Merge pull request #21 from af7ss/master
81b5679 Updated to added instructions for the case where a build fails due to an issue with eclipse & GTK3 on Ubuntu 16.04LTS.
10179f4 build: remove ADI_LEGAL var and use TARGET var for legal info
fb9d384 scripts/ close omitted div
76aa80a 53-adi-plutosdr-usb.rules: add SidekiqZ2 entries for udev
8c60099 build: clean the build dir on each run
36fbc8f build: parametrize ADI legal info for Written Offer
e155453 build: parametrize the build artifacts for Pluto & SidekiqZ2
b0ab360 build: add sidekiqz2.its file
23dd81d .gitignore: add vim swap files
c5d3453 Merge pull request #17 from analogdevicesinc/tweak-license
5b332c2 : Update with some wording tweaks, move the WARRANTY section to 80 chars
57d7e3e : Add BSD license, and tweak output to make it look like the other files on the mass storage device.
9bd17f1 : fix spelling

Changelog buildroot:

analogdevicesinc/buildroot@04dceb2 board/pluto/update_frm: Add update firmware script
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@2bf8687 board/sidekiqz2/S23udc: Use proper EpiqSolutions USB VID 0x2FA2
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@bb73d01 Revert "sidekiqz2: use Pluto's msd data"
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@2bc57fb Merge pull request #5 from analogdevicesinc/sidekiqz2-symlink-pluto-msd
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@afaeee8 sidekiqz2: include LICENSE.html file in msd image
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@ba88a2d .gitignore: add vim swap files and ignore all VERSIONS files
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@69bff7d sidekiqz2: use Pluto's msd data
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@6bf90df board/sidekiqz2/device_config: Fix FIRMWARE name
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@f87e89f html doc pages: Add placeholders & requests for translations which don't exist yet
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@e159889 html doc pages: add link to license at top, and fix locations of files which don't have translations yet.
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@c1275f0 style.css: Add a box with a border around it for the license
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@9615fbc Merge pull request #4 from analogdevicesinc/buildroot-mtools
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@e1ba07a html doc pages: Add placeholders & requests for translations which don't exist yet
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@7335fbc html doc pages: add link to license at top, and fix locations of files which don't have translations yet.
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@eb10071 style.css: Add a box with a border around it for the license
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@bf182c6 package/libiio: Bump to Version 0.15
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@529fc34 pluto,m2k,sidekiqz2: fix post-build scripts
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@980d892 host-genimage: add host-mtools to dependency list
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@b5fd2f3 pluto,m2k,sidekiqz2: add set -e specifier to post-build script
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@31713e5 Merge pull request #3 from analogdevicesinc/sidekiq-z2-support
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@33f2ba4 sidekiqz2: add support for new board

Changelog Linux: (only related commits)

analogdevicesinc/linux@56cfbfa arch/arm/boot/dts/zynq-e310: Add EttusResearch E310 IIO Linux support
analogdevicesinc/linux@0c8d461 arch: arm: sidekiqz2: adjust min rx/tx frequencies for filters
analogdevicesinc/linux@7ff28d4 arch: arm: sidekiqz2: remove unreachable filterbanks setting
analogdevicesinc/linux@36f57dd dt-bindings: adi,ad9361.txt: fix typo in doc for filter-banks control
analogdevicesinc/linux@68047cd arch/arm/boot/dts/zynq-e310: Add EttusResearch E310 IIO Linux support
analogdevicesinc/linux@11bd0f5 arch: arm: sidekiqz2: adjust min rx/tx frequencies for filters
analogdevicesinc/linux@8375ccf arch: arm: sidekiqz2: remove unreachable filterbanks setting
analogdevicesinc/linux@575eaae dt-bindings: adi,ad9361.txt: fix typo in doc for filter-banks control
analogdevicesinc/linux@1d889d7 arch: arm: sidekiqz2: add sequencing for RX/TX band switching
analogdevicesinc/linux@59bf8f4 iio: adc: ad9361: adjust RX/TX port selection based on during band settings
analogdevicesinc/linux@dedf3e3 iio: adc: ad9361: add support for pre/post setting sequences
analogdevicesinc/linux@049ddd2 arch: arm: sidekiqz2: define hooks for init/uninit
analogdevicesinc/linux@476d565 iio: adc: ad9361: add hooks for init/uninit states of the system
analogdevicesinc/linux@9aa3649 arch: arm: sidekiqz2: define GPIO settings for external band control
analogdevicesinc/linux@84774e6 iio: adc: ad9361: add basic support for external band control
analogdevicesinc/linux@ce60f09 devicetree: add AD9361 dt-bindings documentation
analogdevicesinc/linux@6e5df94 arch: arm: sidekiqz2: update dt to use AD9364 chip
analogdevicesinc/linux@2221ff8 arch: arm: sidekiqz2: define gpio-line-names for GPIO expanders
analogdevicesinc/linux@880ef57 arch: arm: sidekiqz2: add LNA_SW gpio as hog in the U21 expander
analogdevicesinc/linux@5f79e44 iio: adc: ad9361: use gpiod_set_value_cansleep() when resetting chip
analogdevicesinc/linux@be03583 arch: arm: zynq-sidekiqz2-revb: rename reset-gpio to reset-gpios
analogdevicesinc/linux@a0fe005 arch: arm: zynq-sidekiqz2-revb: rename from zynq-sidekiqz2-reva
analogdevicesinc/linux@48167d4 iio: adc: ad9361: move RX/TX port selection on state struct
analogdevicesinc/linux@0c33f80 iio: cf_axi_dds: Prevent out-of-bounds debug register access
analogdevicesinc/linux@a1dba55 iio: cf_axi_adc: Prevent out-of-bounds debug register access
analogdevicesinc/linux@9b924ae iio: adc: ad9361_conv: Fix skipped TX tune regression
analogdevicesinc/linux@b4b067a iio: adc: ad9361: use proper MAX_BASEBAND_RATE define
analogdevicesinc/linux@715ce15 iio: adc: ad9361: Validate MAX Half Band filter rates
analogdevicesinc/linux@1bd4cde drivers: iio: frequency: cf_axi_dds: Fix function return path
analogdevicesinc/linux@55757f6 drivers: iio: frequency: cf_axi_dds: Fix driver remove path
analogdevicesinc/linux@a93f3c9 .travis.yml: add Sidekiq Z2 to build
analogdevicesinc/linux@e53a308 iio: adc: ad9361: consolidate state struct init/clear
analogdevicesinc/linux@69d898c iio: adc: ad9361: add header guard in private header
analogdevicesinc/linux@434f747 iio: adc: ad9361: opaque-ify some drv structs and split state struct
analogdevicesinc/linux@47d1de9 iio: adc: ad9361: add ad9361_uses_lvds_mode() accessor
analogdevicesinc/linux@e5607f5 iio: adc: ad9361: wrap tx/rx clock data delay functions
analogdevicesinc/linux@dec20d2 iio: adc: ad9361: add accessor for getting device's digital tune data
analogdevicesinc/linux@8d30532 iio: adc: ad9631: add ad9361_uses_rx2tx2() accessor
analogdevicesinc/linux@e0f37fc iio: adc: ad9361: hide ENSM mode pinctrl logic
analogdevicesinc/linux@5387132 iio: adc: ad9361: add ad9361_set_trx_clock_chain_default() wrapper
analogdevicesinc/linux@d2589ec iio: adc: ad9361: move register definitions to separate header file
analogdevicesinc/linux@ebe67ca iio: adc: ad9361: replace printk with pr_err
analogdevicesinc/linux@53a1878 iio: adc: ad9361: whitespaces fixes

Changelog u-boot:

analogdevicesinc/u-boot-xlnx@f5f001e configs/zynq_sidekiqz2_defconfig: Use USB PID 0x5A32 in DFU mode
analogdevicesinc/u-boot-xlnx@720a4c7 sidekiqz2: update u-boot env settings with manufacturer specs
analogdevicesinc/u-boot-xlnx@c43e333 zynq-pluto-sdr.dts: correct file header and update copyright
analogdevicesinc/u-boot-xlnx@abc63df zynq-pluto-sdr: remove xlnx,zynq-picozed-sdr2 compat string
analogdevicesinc/u-boot-xlnx@d8cf117 spi_flash: do not return error code for unsupported flash lock/unlock ops
analogdevicesinc/u-boot-xlnx@ffa45f0 spi: spi_flash: add support for ISSI IS25WP256D flash
analogdevicesinc/u-boot-xlnx@658ace0 arch: arm: add support for Sidekiq Z2 board

Changelog hdl: (only related commits)

analogdevicesinc/hdl@3cf33db axi_dmac: Fix bus resize block reset
analogdevicesinc/hdl@f3102ee axi_dmac: Limit MAX_BYTES_PER_BURST to maximum supported value
analogdevicesinc/hdl@5418dfe axi_dmac: axi_dmac_hw.tcl: Fix indention
analogdevicesinc/hdl@e609c7f axi_dmac: Prevent destination AXI burst length truncation
analogdevicesinc/hdl@bfac561 axi_dmac: adding missing dependency for Intel flow
analogdevicesinc/hdl@c42ed7d axi_dmac: removed harmful SDC constraint
analogdevicesinc/hdl@ad05a5e axi_dmac: AXI3 support on Intel qsys
analogdevicesinc/hdl@2c4d81a axi_dmac: Disable 2D transfer support by default
analogdevicesinc/hdl@05e8604 axi_dmac: Remove unused pause signal from address generator
analogdevicesinc/hdl@2b2c1f6 axi_dmac: Fix some indentation errors
analogdevicesinc/hdl@1ea3ad2 Add quiet mode to the Makefile system
analogdevicesinc/hdl@d8916e6 axi_ad9144: Infer clock signal
analogdevicesinc/hdl@3dac544 axi_dmac_ip.tcl: Add include files to file list
analogdevicesinc/hdl@0f443f4 Update CLEAN targets
analogdevicesinc/hdl@89ad5f7 Makefile: Change IP component dependency to component definition file
analogdevicesinc/hdl@0048cc3 Makefile: Don't create invalid sub-project targets
analogdevicesinc/hdl@685f2ea Makefile: Simplify sub-project target generation
analogdevicesinc/hdl@d5040d8 Makefile: Update outdated example
analogdevicesinc/hdl@35a39ba Regenerate library Makefiles using the new shared Makefile include
analogdevicesinc/hdl@2b108c6 Add common library Makefile
analogdevicesinc/hdl@b20714b Regenerate project top-level Makefiles
analogdevicesinc/hdl@297940d Add shared project top-level Makefile
analogdevicesinc/hdl@377247a Regenerate project Makefiles using the new shared Makefile includes
analogdevicesinc/hdl@5272ed4 Add common project Makefile for Xilinx projects
analogdevicesinc/hdl@ec6128d Add common project Makefile for Altera projects
analogdevicesinc/hdl@8a2a394 Remove unused projects/common/Makefile
analogdevicesinc/hdl@8c96438 sidekiqz2: Initial commit
analogdevicesinc/hdl@09a6eb5 up_dac_common: Explicitly define boolean parameter as a 1 bit value
analogdevicesinc/hdl@425e803 license: Fix a spelling mistake
analogdevicesinc/hdl@3499422 license: Update old license headers
analogdevicesinc/hdl@a540770 util_adxcvr: Don't show reset ports for disabled lanes
analogdevicesinc/hdl@0d01c08 util_[c|u]pack_dsf: clear syntehsis warnings
analogdevicesinc/hdl@bce0cf8 util_[w|r]fifo: Reduce synthesis warnings
analogdevicesinc/hdl@eedd8ed up_delay_cntrl: Fix synthesis warnings, no functional changes
analogdevicesinc/hdl@b4ab639 up_[adc|dac]common: Define the DPR registers only when the interface is enabled
analogdevicesinc/hdl@5cba461 axi_dmac: fix synthesis warnings
analogdevicesinc/hdl@4bcf45a common: clean up synthesis warnings
analogdevicesinc/hdl@b6d2def axi_ad9361: clear synthesis warnings
analogdevicesinc/hdl@5bfc585 axi_dmac: Added MAX_BYTES_PER_BURST and DISABLE_DEBUG_REGISTERS parameters to Intel IP
analogdevicesinc/hdl@d13ff8d axi_dmac: In SDP mode REGCEB is connected to GND
analogdevicesinc/hdl@a7b98c3 ad_tdd_control: Fix the tdd_burst_counter implementation
analogdevicesinc/hdl@017dcae up
[adc|dac]common: DRP_DISABLE should be boolean
analogdevicesinc/hdl@493fc1d axi
: Fix instantiation of up_[adc|dac][common|channel]
analogdevicesinc/hdl@74b922f axi
: Infer clock and reset signals of an IP
analogdevicesinc/hdl@758c617 common/up_
: Make up_rstn synchronous to up_clk
analogdevicesinc/hdl@57a61f0 scripts:adi_project: Update ZCU102 device package and board files
analogdevicesinc/hdl@0026617 scripts:adi_project: Use default strategies for synth and impl
analogdevicesinc/hdl@8234ba1 scripts:adi_ip: Update web address format
analogdevicesinc/hdl@7c04e36 scripts: Message severity changes on Vivado
analogdevicesinc/hdl@47e95fc scripts: Update tools for the next release
analogdevicesinc/hdl@43a0695 axi_ad9361: Altera fix lvds interface
analogdevicesinc/hdl@75409ee util_fir_int: Shifted data so that the amplitude at the output of the filter is the same with the input
analogdevicesinc/hdl@096aadb util_fir_dec: Changed output rounding mode to Symmetric rounding to Zero
analogdevicesinc/hdl@53033a9 axi_dmac: Fix tlast generation on AXI stream master
analogdevicesinc/hdl@6cd0d8a axi_dmac: Don't add CDC constraints when all clocks are synchronous

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@mhennerich mhennerich released this Apr 24, 2018 · 24 commits to master since this release


  • Minor Linux driver bug fixing see full log below.
  • Update Buildroot to 2018.02
  • No relevant HDL fixes for this platform.

d841265 PlutoSDR: Prepare for v0.28 release
0b21f8d .gitmodules: Switch submod linux to 2018_R1 release branch
fe5dc06 Makefile: Auto-generate LICENSE file
bd13416 Makefile: Allow firmware builds without Xilinx Vivado installed
bb50331 Makefile: New target legal-info

Changelog Linux: (only related commits)

analogdevicesinc/linux@b07f3c6 drivers: iio: frequency: cf_axi_dds: Fix driver remove path
analogdevicesinc/linux@096d0e0 drivers: iio: frequency: cf_axi_dds: Fix function return path
analogdevicesinc/linux@a8a90e6 iio: adc: ad9361: use proper MAX_BASEBAND_RATE define
analogdevicesinc/linux@a7c5b67 iio: adc: ad9361: Validate MAX Half Band filter rates
analogdevicesinc/linux@1a8cafc iio: adc: ad9361: Fix Tx Mon Delay Counter setting
analogdevicesinc/linux@9513f72 iio: adc: ad9361: Disable CP offset current, clear 0x23D[D4] 0x27D[D4]
analogdevicesinc/linux@6cfc28c iio: adc: ad9361: Add option to set Reg Gain Step Config2 0x106 [D6:D4]
analogdevicesinc/linux@f8f9556 iio: adc: ad9361: Fix the formula for computing the AuxDAC word
analogdevicesinc/linux@c876b7a iio: adc: ad9361: Fix typo in AGC Attack Delay computation
analogdevicesinc/linux@9a05343 iio: adc: ad9361: add ad9361_write_bist_reg() accessor to cache bist reg value
analogdevicesinc/linux@81d0079 iio: Track enabled channels on a per channel basis
analogdevicesinc/linux@a87de8e iio: Move scan mask management to the core
analogdevicesinc/linux@a17f06c iio: Don't initialize buffer->scan_mask in drivers
analogdevicesinc/linux@b2c6aaf iio: Allow channels to share storage elements
analogdevicesinc/linux@29729a5 iio: Add macro to declare share enum "available" attributes
analogdevicesinc/linux@d1663cd iio: adc: ad9361: add short-hand var new_rate in clk notifier funcs
analogdevicesinc/linux@416b717 iio: adc: ad9361: fix arguments for ad9361_phy_parse_dt() when not using DT
analogdevicesinc/linux@7108b38 iio: adc: ad9361: clamp the user entered RF BW between min/max
analogdevicesinc/linux@06b6363 iio: adc: ad9361: Add comment explaining the origin of three magic values
analogdevicesinc/linux@649031a iio: adc: ad9361: Add comment explaining the origin of three magic values
analogdevicesinc/linux@b665d1f iio: adc: ad9361: move AuxDAC initialization earlier in the setup
analogdevicesinc/linux@c951e05 iio: adc: ad9361: move GPO initialization earlier in the setup
analogdevicesinc/linux@b58e9ef iio: Fix IIO_VAL_FRACTIONAL_LOG2 newline termination
analogdevicesinc/linux@546ee78 dma: axi-dmac: Sanity check memory mapped interface support

Changelog buildroot:

analogdevicesinc/buildroot@45f8f2b board/m2k/genimage-msd.cfg: Use auto-generated License file
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@f4e69b1 board/m2k/msd/.gitignore: Add ignore for autogenerated LICENSE file
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@e356c9c board/pluto/busybox-1.25.0.config: Update config for busybox-1.27.2
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@41714e3 Merge remote-tracking branch 'mainline/2018.02.x' into test-update
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@79ccad2 board/pluto/genimage-msd.cfg: Use auto-generated License file
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@01c8805 board/m2k/m2k-calib.ini: Add default (none calibration file)
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@a8fcddf board/pluto/msd: Remove unused driver files
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@714b2b7 pluto, m2k: Add GPL2 LICENSE file to the MSD
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@05933eb Merge pull request #2 from analogdevicesinc/fix-flex-host-build
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@12edbca [backport] flex: Fix segfault of stage1flex when host has glibc 2.26 or newer
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@8b5a1fe [backport] package/flex: disable reallocarray
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@f52e4a5 package/libad9361-iio: Fix typo in LICENSE_FILES
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@edfdf0d package/ad936x_ref_cal: Add LICENSE file and update

Changelog hdl:

analogdevicesinc/hdl@944edeb axi_logic_analyzer: Fix push-pull/open-drain selection

Assets 6

@mhennerich mhennerich released this Jan 31, 2018 · 29 commits to master since this release


  • Minor Linux driver bug fixing see full log below.
  • Update libIIO to Version 0.14 (includes bug fixes)
  • Add libad9361-iio package
  • No relevant HDL fixes for this platform.

Changelog Linux:

analogdevicesinc/linux@f457f60 iio: adc: ad9361: Avoid clobbering MGC set gain when switching gain tables
analogdevicesinc/linux@8277d20 iio: ad9361: ad9361_dig_interface_timing_analysis(): Properly setup and cleanup
analogdevicesinc/linux@0a372f6 iio: ad9361: Highlight selected delay in interface tuning diagnostics
analogdevicesinc/linux@1f308b9 iio: ad9361: Rework digital tune function for readability and correctness
analogdevicesinc/linux@5f156e9 iio: ad9361: Consolidate PN checker status checks
analogdevicesinc/linux@c34fb4c iio: ad9361: Add a helper function to get the number of PHY channels
analogdevicesinc/linux@934a4d9 iio: ad9361: Reduce number of ALERT<->FDD transitions during interface tuning
analogdevicesinc/linux@8772a9a iio: ad9361: Make sure to go to ALERT state when feedback clock changes
analogdevicesinc/linux@78974c3 iio: ad9361: Fix tuning diagnostics output
analogdevicesinc/linux@101cdb9 iio: adc: ad9361: Return ERROR code when writing manual gain in AGC modes
analogdevicesinc/linux@54b5e1a iio: adc: ad9361: Fix erroneous clearing of the TO_ALERT bit
analogdevicesinc/linux@70ca088 char: xilinx_devcfg: Fix regression introduced in remove volatile commmit

Changelog buildroot:

analogdevicesinc/buildroot@72f3cd7 package: libad9361-iio: Add AD9361 library
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@998bb6c package: libiio: Bump to Version 0.14
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@96bcd87 configs/zynq_[pluto|m2k]_defconfig: use compiler searched in $PATH
analogdevicesinc/buildroot@8b3f763 board/pluto/ MTD layout allow 64k and 4k erase blocks

Changelog hdl:

analogdevicesinc/hdl@3e73999 axi_dmac: Include TLAST in AXIS slave port
analogdevicesinc/hdl@c607395 axi_dmac: Add limited TLAST support for streaming AXI source interface
analogdevicesinc/hdl@da28ee3 axi_ad9361: xilinx LVDS interface: Restore previous feedback clock polarity

Assets 6

@mhennerich mhennerich released this Dec 18, 2017 · 32 commits to master since this release

PlutoSDR: Prepare for v0.26 release

Submodule buildroot 6ae9f88..c9924ef:
  > board/pluto/S23udc: Add context attribute hw_model_variant

Signed-off-by: Michael Hennerich <>
Assets 5

@mhennerich mhennerich released this Dec 15, 2017 · 33 commits to master since this release

PlutoSDR: Prepare for v0.25 release

Submodule linux 7d66120..40c2158:
  > net: ieee802154: adf7242: Fix erroneous RX enable
  > net: ieee802154: adf7242: Fix OCL calibration runs
  > Merge pull request #26 from mfornero/for-xcomm-zynq
  > Merge pull request #25 from commodo/axi_fixup2_xcomm_zynq
  > microblaze: dts: vc707_fmcadc5: Update to the new ADI JESD framework
  > microblaze: dts: vc707_fmcadc5: Cleanup to remove warnings
  > dts: zynq-pluto-sdr.dtsi: QSPI MTD add compatible n25q512a
  > drivers/mtd/spi-nor/spi-nor: Fix malicious locking support for n25qxxx
  > iio: jesd204: xilinx_transceiver: Fix indentation
  > iio: dma_buffer: Cleanup even if no blocks were allocated
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Print transceiver type
  > iio: ad9680: Use standard IIO enum for test modes
  > iio: Handle enumerated properties with gaps
  > Enable AD9680 driver in defconfigs
  > iio: ad9467: Move ad9680 support to its own driver
  > iio: ad9467: ad9680: Handle optional SYSREF clock
  > iio: ad9467: ad9680: Factor setting JESD204 link config into helper function
  > iio: ad9467: ad9680: Factor request JESD204 clocks into helper function
  > iio: ad9467: ad9680: Add helper function for writing channel registers
  > iio: ad9467: ad9467_valid_test_mode(): Fix indention
  > iio: ad9647: ad9680: Remove more unnecessary 'register transfer' writes

Submodule hdl 3e565bc..ba24909:
  > axi_streaming_dma_rx_fifo: fix period_count clock and TLAST
  > fmcadc5: Allow JESD reset from the ADC core, useful for synchronization

Submodule buildroot 9766671..6ae9f88:
  > package: libiio: Bump to version 0.12

Submodule u-boot-xlnx 9bc27b7..efdb9e8:
  > configs: zynq-common: Redo SF lock upon button press and failed boot

Signed-off-by: Michael Hennerich <>
Assets 5

@mhennerich mhennerich released this Nov 29, 2017 · 34 commits to master since this release

PlutoSDR: Prepare for v0.24 release

Submodule linux 01a3695..7d66120:
  > arm: dts: zynq-zed-adf7242.dts: Add
  > net: ieee802154: adf7242: Rework IRQ and packet handling
  > net: ieee802154: adf7242: Avoid redundant RC_READY polling
  > net: ieee802154: adf7242: Add additional DEBUG information
  > net: ieee802154: adf7242: Fix bug if defined DEBUG
  > net: ieee802154: adf7242: Add support for ADF7241 devices
  > ieee802154: adf7242: use unsigned int over only unsigned
  > net: ieee802154: constify ieee802154_ops structures
  > iio: ad9467: Don't write 'register transfer' register for AD9680 and similar
  > iio: ad9467: ad9680_setup(): Remove unused parameters
  > iio: ad9647: ad9680: Don't write data format register during initial setup
  > iio: ad9467: ad9680: Don't set test mode during initial setup
  > iio: ad9467: Make AD9680 sfdr_optim_regs static
  > iio: ad9467: Fix AD9684 input full-scale range selection
  > iio: ad9467: Remove trailing space from available attributes
  > iio: ad9467: Handle scale values >= 1.0
  > iio: ad9467: Factor input range handling into separate helper functions
  > iio: ad9467: Fix available test modes for newer generation devices
  > iio: ad9467: Fix ad9680 input range reading
  > iio: ad9467: Fix max_testmode for AD9434
  > iio: adc: ad9361: Fix MGC decrement gain step size
  > iio: ad9528: Make ID register read 3 bytes
  > iio: adc: cf_axi_adc_core: only register buffer if dmas node is present
  > drivers/iio/industrialio-core: Fix error introduced in previous commit
  > iio: ad9361: Add *_available RANGE attributes
  > iio:core: add a callback to allow drivers to provide _available attributes
  > dma: axi-dmac: Infer synthesis configuration parameters hardware
  > iio: adc: ad9361: Fix compiler warnings
  > arm64: dts: /xilinx/zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-fmcdaq2: Add dt for DAQ2 on ZCU102
  > arm: dts: zynq-pluto-sdr-revc.dts: Add PlutoSDR Rev.C
  > iio: adc: cf_axi_adc_core: Fix possible SLAVE device remove bug
  > arm64: dts: xilinx/zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-ad9364-fmcomms4.dts: Add
  > arm64: configs: adi_zynqmp_defconfig: Update
  > arm64: dts: xilinx/zynqmp-zcu102-rev10-ad9361-fmcomms2-3.dts: Add
  > Merge branch '2017_R1' into xcomm_zynq
  > dts: zynq-*-ad936*-*.dts: DMAC switch to new dt bindings
  > Merge branch 'xcomm_zynq' of into xcomm_zynq
  > char: xilinx_devcfg: Fix regression introduced in remove volatile commmit

  Submodule buildroot 0a4e137..9766671:
  > package/libiio/ Push to version 0.11

  Submodule hdl 06bab87..3e565bc:
  > fmcadc5: Disable constraints for jesd sysref in order to remove critical warning
  > axi_dmac: Align the data_ready to data
  > daq2_zcu102: Fix typo
  > Require Vivado 2017.2.1 for all zcu102 projects
  > adrv9371x_zcu102: Fix rx_div_clk constraint placement
  > fmcadc5: Update make
  > fmcadc5: Update to the ADI JESD interface
  > Make: Update makefiles
  > library: Update
  > daq2, daq3: zcu102: Update constraints
  > daq2: Set correct transceiver type for UltraScale projects
  > adrv9371x: Set correct transceiver type for UltraScale projects
  > axi_adxcvr: Correctly report the transceiver type in the register map
  > adrv9371x: zcu102: Fix lane mapping
  > adrv9371x: zcu102: Fix QPLL feedback divider
  > fmcjesdadc1: Update A10GX/A10SOC projects to the ADI JESD framework
  > zcu102 constraints description/cosmetic updates
  > zcu102: Update to rev 1.0
  > fmcomms2: Connect dac data underflow
  > axi_dmac: Reset fifo_rd_data without delaying the valid data
  > avl_dacfifo: Fix dac_xfer_req generation
  > avl_dacfifo: Fix reset architecture in avl_dacfifo_rd
  > avl_dacfifo: Fix the loopback of avl_xfer_req
  > avl_dacfifo: Fix write enable generation
  > avl_dacfifo: Fix reset of write address register
  > daq3: Disable start synchronization for the ADC DMA
  > daq2: Disable start synchronization for the ADC DMA
  > avl_dacfifo: Refactor the fifo
  > daq2/zcu102: Pin Swap for ZCU102 Rev1.0
  > daq3: A10GX, overconstrained failing paths
  > daq3: A10GX, updated to the ADI JESD204
  > jesd204: Added additional input registers to jesd204_soft_pcs_rx, when lane rate is over 10Gbps
  > daq2: A10GX, added additional interconnect pipelining
  > adi_env: Normalize environment variables
  > adrv9371x: A10GX, added extra pipelining in the interconnect in order to improve timing
  > daq2: A10GX, added extra pipelining in the interconnect in order to improve timing
  > daq2: A10GX, connect dac_fifo_bypass to gpio
  > daq2: A10SOC, added dac fifo
  > daq2: A10GX, added dac fifo
  > axi_ad9361: Fix dac_datarate counter implementation

Signed-off-by: Michael Hennerich <>
Assets 5

@mhennerich mhennerich released this Oct 9, 2017 · 39 commits to master since this release

PlutoSDR: Prepare for v0.23 release

Submodule u-boot-xlnx 4bdff59..9bc27b7:
  > rsa: Fix build with OpenSSL 1.1.x

Submodule buildroot 9066777..0a4e137:
  > board/pluto/S23udc: Add fw_version context attribute
  > board/pluto/S23udc: strip leading "adi," from model contect attribute
  > board/pluto/S23udc: Add ad9361-phy,model context attribute
  > configs/zynq_m2k_defconfig: check BR2_PACKAGE_LIBIIO
  > Merge branch 'pluto' of into pluto
  > board/m2k/S16xadc: Keep XADC around for now

Submodule hdl ed12efc..bbaf3a9:
  > library: Delete all adi_ip_constraint process call
  > util_clkdiv: constraints should be applied LATE for this core
  > constraints: constraint files should be specified at adi_ip_files
  > adi_ip- remove adi_ip_constraints
  > adi_ip- a little rearrangement
  > Makefile: Update Makefiles for libraries
  > ad_axi_ip_constr.xdc: Delete file
  > library: Update scripts with new constraints
  > restructure: Move xilinx specific constraints to /library/xilinx/common/
  > adi_ip: Set up SCOPE_TO_REF for xdc and save the core
  > ad_axi_ip_constr: Split up this constraint file into separate files
  > axi_adcfifo: Add missing constraints

Submodule linux 6297a9e..01a3695:
  > Revert "gpio_keys: Added support to read the IRQ_FLAGS from devicetree"
  > clk: altera-a10-fpll: Typo fix
  > iio: ad9144: Add support for dynamic samplerate configuration
  > iio: ad9680: Add support for dynamic samplerate configuration
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Move to jesd204 subfolder
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Add support for configuring the device clock
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Add dynamic lane rate reconfiguration support
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Reduce minimum calibration wait time
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Show a more verbose error message on link activation failure
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Read HDL configuration from register
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Establish explicit probe ordering to reference clock
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Add helper function for calibration check
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Add read-modify-write helper functions
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Ensure arbitration is acquired
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Add AVMM bus arbitration helper functions
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Prevent concurrent access to the same register space
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Remove multi-link support
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Use 8-bit addresses
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Remove unnecessary out-of-memory message
  > iio: altera_adxcvr: Remove unnecessary inline annotations
  > iio: adc: altera_adxcvr: Fix sysfs attributes
  > iio: adc: altera_adxcvr: Show the PCORE version
  > iio: adc: altera_adxcvr: Wait maximum 1s for link activation
  > iio: adc: altera_adxcvr: Add RX/TX calibration
  > iio: adc: Add ALTERA ADXCVR configuration driver
  > clk: Add support for the Altera Arria10 FPLL
  > zynq-zc706-adv7511-fmcomms11.dts: Update to ADI JESD204 link-layer peripherals
  > iio: ad9162: Enable link earlier
  > zynq-zc706-adv7511-fmcjesdadc1.dts: Update to ADI JESD204 link-layer peripherals
  > zynq-zc706-adv7511-fmcadc4.dts: Update to ADI JESD204 link-layer peripherals
  > iio: axi_jesd204_rx: Automatically restart link on lane desynchronization
  > zynq-zc706-adv7511-fmcdaq3.dts: Update to ADI JESD204 link-layer peripherals
  > zynq-zc706-adv7511-ad9625-fmcadc2.dts: Update to ADI JESD204 link-layer peripherals
  > zynq-zc706-adv7511-ad9625-fmcadc3.dts: Reuse FMCADC2 devicetree
  > zynq-zc706-adv7511-ad6676-fmc.dts: Update to ADI JESD204 link-layer peripherals
  > zynq-zc706-adv7511-adrv9371: Update to ADI JESD204 link-layer peripherals
  > iio: ad9371: Remove lane rate configuration workaround
  > iio: ad9371: Add verbose reporting about TX ILAS mismatch
  > iio: ad9371: Don't expect deframer errors during link setup
  > iio: ad9371: Enable TX link earlier
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Don't use DRP broadcast when updating shared registers
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Read synthesis settings from register instead of devicetree
  > zynq-zc706-adv7511-fmcdaq2: Update to ADI JESD204 link-layer peripherals
  > zynq_xcomm_adv7511_defconfig: Enable new JESD204 drivers
  > iio: Add ADI JESD204 link layer peripheral support
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Keep in reset while disabled
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Prevent re-configuration when active
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Setup LPM configuration once at startup
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Register out_clk
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Rename out_clk to lane_clk
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Remove unnecessary clock is_enabled() callback
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Remove redundant div40 clock availability check
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Configure CLK25_DIV
  > iio: xilinx_transceiver: Add support for configuring CLK25_DIV
  > iio: axi_jesd204b_gt: Use new transceiver reconfiguration library
  > iio: axi_jesd204b_gt: Rework DRP access
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Use new transceiver reconfiguration library
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Simplify DRP access
  > iio: jesd204: Add library for reconfiguring Xilinx high-speed transceiver
  > iio: Move JESD204 interface core drivers to jesd204 subfolder
  > iio: axi_jesd204b_gt: Remove duplicated out_div code
  > iio: axi_jesd204b_gt: Drop support for second QPLL
  > iio: axi_jesd204b_gt: Fix GTH CDR configuration when using QPLL
  > iio: axi_jesd204b_gt: Fix lpm mode configuration when using QPLL
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Recalc lane rate regardless of whether div40 clock is provided
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Remove adxcvr_disable_unprepare_clocks() wrapper function
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Remove adxcvr_unregister_clock_provider() wrapper function
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Remove sysref clock
  > Use gpio hog to enable sysref generator
  > iio: ad9144: Reorder startup sequence
  > iio: ad9144: Handle JESD204 link configuration errors
  > iio: ad9467: Print error message when configuring the JESD204 link failed
  > iio: ad9467: Enable JESD204 link after AD9680 and lane rate are configured
  > iio: ad9467: Enable continuous SYSREF sampling for the AD9680
  > iio: ad9528: Don't request status0 pin as output GPIO
  > iio: ad9517: Embed clocks array in the state data structure
  > iio: ad5355: Remove redundant out-of-memory messages
  > iio: ad9739a: Remove redundant out-of-memory messages
  > iio: ad9508: Remove redundant out-of-memory messages
  > iio: ad6676: Remove redundant out-of-memory message
  > adi-daq2.dtsi: Specify target output frequency instead of divider settings
  > iio: ad9523-1: Improve reported VCO frequency accuracy
  > iio: ad9523-1: Add support for computing PLL2 dividers
  > iio: jesd204: xilinx_transceiver: Fix CDR setting for 8b10b and > 6.6 Gbps
  > iio: ad9528: Fix clock round_rate() callback
  > iio: ad9528: Store output source in struct ad9528_outputs
  > iio: ad9528: Cleanup write_raw()
  > iio: ad9528: Make sure lock is held during register access
  > iio: ad9528: Remove sync and powerdown GPIOs
  > iio: ad9528: Remove bootlog noise
  > iio: ad9528: Handle calibration divider gaps
  > adi-daq3.dtsi: Specify target output frequency instead of divider settings
  > adi-daq3.dtsi: Fix SYSREF frequency
  > adi-daq3.dtsi: Rename ad9528-1 to ad9528
  > iio: ad9528: Improve reported VCO frequency accuracy
  > iio: ad9528: Add support for computing PLL2 dividers
  > iio: ad9528: Fix reported rate for SYSREF channels
  > iio: ad9528: Initialize vco_out_map
  > iio: ad9528: Reduce indention in channel setup loop
  > iio: ad9528: Automatically compute N divider A and B counter settings
  > iio: ad9528: Fix typo
  > iio: ad9523: Fix typo
  > iio: ad9144: Add modulation support
  > iio: ad9144: Add interpolation support
  > iio: ad738x: Add support for AD738x ADC
  > mtd: spi-nor: Don't assume all STmicro/Micron chips have lock support
  > drivers/mtd/spi-nor/spi-nor: restore lines dropped during last merge
  > dts: qspi mtd add compatible jedec,spi-nor
  > drm: axi_hdmi_crtc.c: Reduce interrupt count
  > Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/xcomm_zynq' into xcomm_zynq_4_9
  > ASoC: adi: Add Kconfig entry for ADRV936X Box
  > microblaze: Remove custom clkdev.h
  > Revert "drivers/net/ethernet/xilinx/xilinx_emacps: Use proper parent node."
  > Revert "of: of_mdio: Add marvell,88e1116r to whitelist of PHY compatibilities"
  > devicetree: bindings: adf7242: Sync to upstream
  > Remove unused adf7242.h
  > net: ieee802154: Remove duplicated Makefile/Kconfig entry for the ADF7242
  > iio: staging: Remove deprecated hrtimer trigger driver
  > iio: core: Return error for failed read_reg
  > dmaengine: xilinx_dma: Move enum xdma_ip_type to driver file
  > dmaengine: Remove legacy Xilinx DMA driver
  > misc: mathworks: Remove xilinx_dma.h include
  > clk: axi-clkgen: Always set all fractional power bits in fractional mode
  > xcomm_zynq_adv711_defconfig: Move to ADV7511 DRM bridge driver
  > drm/bridge: adv7511: Enable SPDIF support
  > drm/bridge: adv7511: Enable connector polling when no interrupt is specified
  > drm/bridge: adv7511: Constify HDMI CODEC platform data
  > drm/bridge: adv7511: Add support for configuring the EDID I2C address
  > drm/bridge: adv7511: Remove private copy of the EDID
  > drm/bridge: adv7511: Properly update EDID when no EDID was found
  > drm/bridge: adv7511: Re-write the i2c address before EDID probing
  > drm/bridge: adv7511: Reuse __adv7511_power_on/off() when probing EDID
  > drm/bridge: adv7511: Rework adv7511_power_on/off() so they can be reused internally
  > drm/bridge: adv7511: Add Audio support
  > drm: adi_axi_hdmi: Add bridge support
  > drm: adi_axi_hdmi: Convert to atomic mode setting
  > drm: adi_axi_hdmi: Remove support for non-interleaved DMA setup
  > drm: adi_axi_hdmi: Remove allocation failure messages
  > drm: adi_axi_hdmi: Remove extra header files
  > dts: Set adv7511 EDID memory I2C address
  > dts: Switch to adv7511 upstream binding
  > ASoC: adi: Remove deprecated audio board drivers
  > ASoC: Add AU1761 audio codec as selectable option
  > dts: Switch from Xilinx PS7 Ethernet driver to Cadence GEM driver
  > dts: Remove AD-FMCMOTCON1-EBZ support
  > dts: Cosmetic changes
  > Merge remote-tracking branch 'xilinx/master' into xcomm_zynq_4_9
  > Merge branch 'xcomm_zynq' into xcomm_zynq_4_9
  > Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/xcomm_zynq' into xcomm_zynq_4_9
  > Merge remote-tracking branch 'xilinx/master' into xcomm_zynq_4_9

Signed-off-by: Michael Hennerich <>
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@mhennerich mhennerich released this Jul 26, 2017 · 45 commits to master since this release

PlutoSDR: Prepare for v0.22 release

Submodule linux 1cc7526..6297a9e:
  > dts: zynq-adrv936x-z70xx-box: Add ts3a227e interrupt
  > zynq-adrv936[1|4]-z70[35|20]-box: Add RTC Interrupt
  > zynq-adrv936[1|4]-z70[35|20]-box: Add NAV Switch support and fix RTC addr
  > dts/zynq-zed-adv7511-display-rotary-test: Use REL events
  > Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/2016_R2' into xcomm_zynq
  > iio: cf_axi_dds: Make interpolation_factors_available static
  > iio: ad9162: Handle GPIO request errors
  > iio: ad9162: Ensure clocks are properly released
  > iio: ad9162: Remove platform data handling
  > iio: cf_axi_adc: Skip shadow channels during PN check
  > iio: cf_axi_adc: Prevent out of bounds array access
  > iio: ad9371: Ensure clocks are properly released
  > iio: ad9371: Properly handle clock request errors
  > iio: axi_jesd204b_v51: Release clock provider
  > iio: axi_jesd204b_v51: Remove no-op clock callbacks
  > iio: axi_jesd204b_v51: Don't cache clock rate
  > iio: axi_jesd204b_v51: Remove redundant out-of-memory message
  > iio: axi_jesd204b_gt: Remove redundant out-of-memory messages
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Print status code when startup fails
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Make sure requested clocks are released again
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Handle errors for div40 clock
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Properly propagate errors from of_clk_get_by_name()
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Move of_clk_add_provider() to adxcvr_clk_register()
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Use devm_clk_register()
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: adxcvr_clk_register(): Change return type to int
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Remove unused memory allocation for out_clk
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Remove unused num parameter from adxcvr_clk_register()
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Remove node field from adxcvr_state struct
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Remove always true check
  > iio: axi_adxcvr: Remove unnecessary out-of-memory message
  > iio: ad9144: Ensure clocks are properly released
  > iio: ad9144: Properly handle clock request errors
  > iio: ad9144: Change info message on successful probe to debug message
  > iio: ad9144: Don't print failure message on probe deferral
  > iio: ad9144: Remove redundant out-of-memory message
  > iio: ad9467: Properly handle clock request errors
  > iio: ad9467: Don't overwrite errors from the converter setup functions
  > iio: ad9523: Add sanity check for divider values
  > iio: ad9523: Remove redundant allocation failure messages
  > iio: ad9528: Remove redundant allocation failure messages
  > configs/zynq_pluto_defconfig: Extend wired USB Ethernet device support
  > arm64:dts:zynqmp-zcu102-revB-adrv9363.dts: Add support for ADRV9363 PCBZ
  > dts:zynq-*-adv7511-adrv9363.dts: ad9361_clkin use adjustable-clock
  > dts:zynq-*-adv7511-adrv9363.dts: Add support for ADRV9363 PCBZ
  > drivers/iio/adc/ad9371: AD9371 remove AD9375 specific attributes
  > drivers/iio/adc/ad9361: ad9361_set_agc_mode() avoid reconfiguration
  > zynq_pluto_defconfig: Add support for wired USB Ethernet
  > drivers/iio/adc/ad9467: AD9250 fix ADC sample clock readback
  > Merge pull request #22 from njpillitteri/xcomm_zynq
  > iio/adc/ad9361: Add dt option to lock RX/TX RF port selects
  > drivers/iio/adc/ad9371: Update to API version:
  > firmware/Mykonos_M3.bin: Update to Firmware Version 5.1.1
  > drivers/iio/adc/mykonos/mykonos: Fix MYKONOS_loadArmConcurrent()
  > drivers/iio/adc/mykonos: Update to API version:
  > iio:adc:ad9361: Add option to use FIR output for power measurements
  > iio:adc:ad9361: TX LO frequency can be > 46.875 MHz
  > arch/arm/boot/dts/zynq-zc706-adv7511-fmcdaq3-revC.dts: Add DAQ3 RevC
  > drivers/iio/adc/ad9361: dbugfs "initialize" return error
  > arch/arm/boot/dts/zynq-zed-adv7511-display-rotary-test.dts: Add
  > drivers/clk/clk-adjustable-rate: Fix round_rate() return value
  > arch/arm/configs/zynq_xcomm_adv7511_defconfig: add CONFIG_GPIO_ADI_DAQ1
  > drivers/iio/adc/ad9371: Fix set/get Rx2TempGainComp
  > dts/zynq-zc706-adv7511-adrv9375: Add
  > drivers/iio/adc/ad9371: Add support for DPD, CLGC and VSWR
  > drivers/iio/adc/ad9371: Fix runtime init cal support
  > dts: zynq-adrv9364-z7020-box: Fix axi-i2s entry according to latest HDL changes

Submodule buildroot d372468..9066777:
  > board/m2k/S21misc: PowerDown M2K clocks after boot
  > board/pluto/S23udc: Add ad9361-phy,xo_correction context attribute
  > configs/zynq_m2k_defconfig: Add LIBIIO_IIOD_USBD
  > configs/zynq_pluto_defconfig: Add LIBIIO_IIOD_USBD
  > package/expat/expat: Downgrade to version 2.2.0
  > Revert "skeleton: fix permissions on /dev/pts/ptmx"
  > Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/pluto' into test
  > Merge tag '2017.05.1' into test
  > Merge branch 'pluto' of into pluto
  > zynq_pluto_defconfig: Make sure libiio is build with WITH_LOCAL_CONFIG
  > board/pluto: Add support for Wired Ethernet using a USB Ethernet adapters
  > package/libiio/ Update to Version 0.10

Submodule hdl ee398b4..ed12efc:
  > arradio: Revert tcl related changes, to fix DDR Bandwidth related issue
  > arradio: Changed clock domain of the ADC and DAC path to half the interface clock
  > util_clkdiv: Added altera version
  > kc705: Fix ethernet address span
  > axi_ad9361: Altera fix lvds interface
  > Revert "altera/ad_serdes: Fix net alignment for rx_out at ad_serdes_in"
  > adrv9371_alt: Delete the fifos from the RX path
  > arradio: remove binary file
  > arradio c5soc: Update project to tcl flow.
  > arradio/c5soc- qsys-script flow
  > arradio/c5soc- remove qsys files
  > arradio/c5soc- updated to new framework/16.0
  > util_clkdiv: Register output port as a clock (#33)
  > fmcadc5: Delete clock and reset duplicate connection
  > adi_board.tcl: reset xilinx ip second commit
  > Revert "adrv9371x- reset jesd ip using cpu clock"
  > adrv9371x- reset jesd ip using cpu clock
  > adi_board.tcl: reset xilinx ip using cpu clock
  > pzsdr1: Fix IO definition for enable/en_agc
  > axi_ad9739a: Fix DDS set frequency
  > axi_ad9371: Update dac_clk_ratio to 2
  > axi_ad9434: Fix input data rate
  > daq2: zc706: Increase DAC FIFO size
  > axi_hdmi_tx: Fix assignment type
  > ad_serdes_in: Fix generate block
  > ad_serdes_clk: Fix generate block
  > ad_mmcm_drp: Fix generate block
  > ad6676evb: Set default xcvr parameters to common design

Signed-off-by: Michael Hennerich <>
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@mhennerich mhennerich released this May 26, 2017 · 46 commits to master since this release

PlutoSDR: Prepare for v0.21 release

Submodule linux f9d12b5..1cc7526:
  > drivers/iio/adc/ad9361: Fix negative temperature readings
  > usb: chipidea: udc: update gadget state after bus resume
  > firmware/ad9371_std_gaintable: Add AD9371 standard gaintable
  > iio/adc/cf_axi_adc_core: Fix potential null pointer deference
  > drivers/iio/adc/ad9361: fix propagating return value
  > drivers/iio/adc/ad9361: ad9361_to_clk() prevent ULONG_MAX overflow
  > clk: axi-clkgen: Set power bits for fractional mode
  > clk: axi-clkgen: Round closest in round_rate() and recalc_rate()
  > iio: cf_axi_adc: Remove dead code
  > iio: cf_axi_adc: Move ad9467 register defines to ad9467 driver
  > iio: cf_axi_adc: Rework converter debug register access
  > iio: cf_axi_adc: Rework PN checker
  > iio: cf_axi_adc: Wait before clearing PN checker status
  > iio: ad9361: Remove debug register access through the interface core
  > iio: ad9361: Don't initialize adc_output_mode
  > iio: cf_axi_adc: Remove unused PCORE_DATA_SEL defines
  > iio: cf_axi_adc: Remove support for non-streaming DMA
  > iio: cf_axi_adc: Remove now unused compatible string
  > iio: ad_adc: Remove legacy support
  > iio: adc: Remove cf_axi_jesd204b driver
  > microblaze: dts: Remove outdated cf_xcomm_kc705.dts
  > microblaze: dts: Remove cf_ad9250_fmc{,_ebz} support
  > microblaze: dts: Remove ml605 reference design support
  > iio: adc: Remove cf_axi_fft/cf_fft drivers
  > Unclutter devicetrees
  > clk: axi-clkgen: Add support for fractional dividers
  > iio: ad9467: Mark sample rate property for JESD204 converters as read-only

Submodule buildroot 50c07c5..d372468:
  > package/poll_sysfs/ Fix poll sysfs inclusion
  > board/pluto/update: config.txt add udc_handle_suspend
  > board/pluto/ Add ref clock calibration support via config.txt
  > board/pluto/S21misc: Add support for none volatile user set XO Correction
  > configs/zynq_pluto_defconfig: Enable package POLLSYSFS, AD936x_REF_CAL
  > board/pluto/udc_handle_suspend: Add UDC suspend script
  > package/ad936x_ref_cal: Add reference clock calibration utility for AD936x
  > package/poll_sysfs: Add SYSFS POLL utility
  > package/libiio/ Update libiio to 60063cb
  > board/pluto/S40network: Be less verbose
  > package/libiio/ Update to 34933f1a6419e6c0be46a64b039f6c85646172d9
  > board/pluto/S45msd: Patch foreign language HTML pages as well
  > board/pluto/msd/index.html: Fix subpage links and fix typo
  > board/pluto/msd: Move foreign language HTML pages to the img dir
  > board/pluto/msd/img/index_de.html: Add German HTML Welcome page
  > Pluto doc: Fix links to Spanish index page
  > Pluto doc: Add a Spanish page
  > Pluto doc: some tweaks to the French page
  > Pluto doc: Add a French page
  > Pluto doc: fix typo
  > board/pluto/S21misc: increase max_block_size to 64M
  > Pluto index: 	add safety requirements
  > Update page on mass storage

Signed-off-by: Michael Hennerich <>
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