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How to add a new tool to the list

Please feel free to open a pull request if you know of a static analysis tool that is not mentioned here.
If you're in doubt if a tool is a good fit for the list, don't open an issue, but create a pull request right away because that's easier to handle. Thanks! 😃


Each tool on the list should be

  • actively maintained (more than one contributor)
  • actively used (have more than 20 stars on Github or similar impact)
  • relatively mature (project exists for at least three months)


The main is just a rendered version of the data. To add a new tool, please create a file in the data/tools directory.

  • Make each tool description as precise as possible.
    Please limit the description to 500 characters.
  • Add a license. If it's a proprietary tool, use license: proprietary.
  • Please add as many tags as possible. You can choose from the tags in data/tags.yml If a tool does not match any existing tag, feel free to add a new tag.

Finally, create a pull request with all your changes. You can call make render to check for errors before.
This is optional, because it will also be done when creating a pull request.

How to mark a tool as unmaintained/deprecated

Sometimes a tool becomes unmaintained and there's nothing wrong with that.
After all, a tool can still be very valuable to the community - even without frequent updates.
However, since it is one of the goals of this project to allow people to make an informed decision on what is the best tool for the job, we are marking unmaintained or deprecated tools. Here is a nice discussion about why we think this is necessary. If you find a tool, which is unmaintained, please add deprecated: true to the entry in data/tools/ and create a pull request in which you provide an objective explanation as to why you think the tool should be marked deprecated. Every deprecation will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Thanks for helping out! 🎉