A single-player alien invaders style game built in JavaScript/jQuery.
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Astro Wars

Astro Wars is a single-player web game built using jQuery/JavaScript. The aliens are invading and only you can save the day -- kill the invaders to gain points without causing harm to your fellow astronauts. Toggle difficulty mode and game length, and try to beat the high score to get your name on the global leaderboard.


  • Randomized and unique character popups in each game
  • Toggle difficulty mode (easy/medium/hard) and game length (30/60/90 seconds)
  • Local storage of user information and game history, including user's highest score
  • Integrated global leaderboard via Firebase
  • Gameplay audio effects and mute feature
  • Easter egg: aliens masquerading as astronauts (see if you can spot them!)
  • Cheat codes: try out reverse and beastmode -- and see if you can find any more

Technologies and Frameworks Used

This project was built in jQuery, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3/Sass. Application data is handled using Firebase and the live site was deployed via Github Pages.


This project was made as part of the HackerYou Web Development Immersive program.