A genre-based song recommendation tool built in React using the Spotify API. Incorporates OAuth and Node.
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GenreBender is a song recommendation tool built using the Spotify API. Input your favourite song and a genre you're interested in exploring and receive a song recommendation, complete with comparison metrics, stored song search history and the option to save songs to your library. Also available in guest mode.


  • Authorize via your Spotify user account or use in guest mode
  • Search a song in the Spotify catalogue and select a genre
  • Select comparison parameters
  • Access side-by-side comparison of two songs on all parameters with metric values
  • Interactive in-browser playback feature of 30s song samples
  • Option to open full songs in Spotify web/desktop player
  • Generate additional recommendations based on same search parameters
  • Stored song recommendation history with option to change active song
  • Save your favourite song(s) to your Spotify library (available in logged in mode only) and create playlists from recommendations
  • Randomize mode: runs recommendation based on randomly selected song and genre
  • View data visualization of track audio analysis

Technologies and Frameworks Used

This project was built in React (bootstrapped with Create React App) and styled using Sass. The application was deployed via Heroku and the live site was deployed via Firebase.


This project was made as part of the HackerYou Web Development Immersive program.


This project was built with the HackerYou Spotify OAuth Proxy by Ryan Christiani.