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My implementation of the basic ReactJs concepts and functions!
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My React

A super simple implemetation of ReactJS for understanding how ReactJS works under the hood.


It is a basic version of React.js which tries to implement functions from original ReactJs library.


I always wanted to contribute to react but coudn't since I didn't know where to start. The current codebase of ReactJs is really big and its overwhelming to start looking at it.

So I created this, MyReact.js, a simple implementation of the ideas from ReactJs. I will be implementing some basic functionality first and then move on to some advanced stuff like its Fiber reconciler and context and hooks maybe!

How to Setup?

Its pretty basic right now. There's only one function implemented MyReact.render. So I have literally put the entire library in one file and loading it from the demo/index.html file.

npm run build-demo

Just open demo/index.html in any browser and you should be able to see the result. No need to run a webserver, it can run over the file protocol for now.

Contribution Guide

Feel free to fork and create issues for the features you want to see.

I am open to suggestions and would love to hear from you guys. Let's learn together!

Thanks @anamritraj

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