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The Matrix Synapse homeserver for Docker / k8s
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Matrix Synapse

To set up, you can use Docker to generate configuration and keys;

$ mkdir config tls keys
$ docker run --rm -it \
  -v `pwd`/config:/synapse/config \
  -v `pwd`/tls:/synapse/tls \
  -v `pwd`/keys:/synapse/keys \
  -e SERVER_NAME=hs.example \
     ananace/matrix-synapse:0.25.1 config

Generating TLS and signing keys separately can be done with;

$ docker run --rm -it \
  -v `pwd`/config:/synapse/config:ro \
  -v `pwd`/tls:/synapse/tls \
  -v `pwd`/keys:/synapse/keys \
  -e SERVER_NAME=hs.example \
     ananace/matrix-synapse:0.25.1 keys

This will create the folders of config, tls, and keys, for Configuration, TLS certificates, and

It's recommended to also provide some backing store for /synapse/data/media to store retrieved media.

To run with workers, create worker configuration files and launch with - for instance;

$ docker run --rm -it \
  -v config:/synapse/config:ro \
  -v tls:/synapse/tls:ro \
  -v keys:/synapse/keys:ro \
     ananace/matrix-synapse:0.25.1 \
     -c /synapse/config/synchrotron.worker

More information about workers can be found at;

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