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Sign in with Apple for Node.js
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 Sign in with Apple for Node.js

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An easy-to-use Node.js library for Signing in with Apple!

Now with support for fetching the name and email!

⚠️ Important note: Apple will only provide you with the name and email ONCE which is when the user taps "Sign in with Apple" on your app the first time. Keep in mind that you have to store this in your database at this time! For every login after that, Apple will provide you with a unique ID that you can use to lookup the username in your database.

Check out the passport version of this library here:


Begin by installing the library: npm install apple-auth

The configurations for Sign in with Apple are quite extensive so I've made an extensive file that you can read


I've created an example of how to use this library with Express! Check it out here:

Example live on


Initialize it using the following code:

const fs = require('fs');
const AppleAuth = require('apple-auth');
const config = fs.readFileSync("./config/config");
const auth = new AppleAuth(config, './config/AuthKey.p8');


  • auth.loginURL() - Creates the Login URL that your users will use to login to
  • auth.accessToken(grantCode) - Gets the access token from the grant code received
  • auth.refreshToken(refreshToken) - Gets the access token from a refresh token

Questions / Contributing

Feel free to open issues and pull requests. If you would like to be one of the core creators of this library, please reach out to me at or message me on twitter @ananayarora!

Created with ❤️ by Ananay Arora

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