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Passport strategy for Sign in with Apple
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 Sign in with Apple for Passport.js

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Passport strategy for the new Sign in with Apple feature!


Install the package via npm / yarn: npm install --save passport-apple

Next, you need to configure your Apple Developer Account with Sign in with Apple.

Steps for that are given here:


Live on

Example repo:


Initialize the strategy as follows:

const AppleStrategy = require('passport-apple');
passport.use(new AppleStrategy({
    clientID: "",
    teamID: "",
    callbackURL: "",
    keyID: "",
    privateKeyLocation: ""
}, function(accessToken, refreshToken, idToken, profile, cb) {
    // Here, check if the idToken exists in your database!
    cb(null, idToken);

Add the login route: app.get("/login", passport.authenticate('apple'));

Finally, add the callback route and handle the response:

app.get("/auth", function(req, res, next) {
    passport.authenticate('apple', function(err, user, info) {
        if (err) {
            if (err == "AuthorizationError") {
                res.send("Oops! Looks like you didn't allow the app to proceed. Please sign in again! <br /> \
                <a href=\"/login\">Sign in with Apple</a>");
            } else if (err == "TokenError") {
                res.send("Oops! Couldn't get a valid token from Apple's servers! <br /> \
                <a href=\"/login\">Sign in with Apple</a>");
        } else {
            res.send("Unique user ID: - " + user);
    })(req, res, next);

Other Sign in with Apple repos

Check out my other sign in with Apple Repos here. More coming soon!


Questions / Contributing

Feel free to open issues and pull requests. If you would like to be one of the core creators of this library, please reach out to me at or message me on twitter @ananayarora!

Created with ❤️ by Ananay Arora

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