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Welcome to the tta wiki!

TTA is an independent product that provides a way to do Test Trend Analysis across your test suites for all products in your organization. On the consumer front, TTA consumes xUnit / *other format test run data from across your projects test run, parses it, and archives it for real-time visualization. On the view front, based on your filter criteria, TTA displays graphical reports of the Test Trends for you. //For example: A QA Manager can know the relative health of all his projects without having to collate the data manually.


TTA Server Installation Steps - To setup a separate TTA server for your project

Steps to use TTA Server - How to use our available TTA server

Limitations And Assumptions


Comparative Analysis - View percentage of tests passed for the sub-projects of a particular project and compare them.

Pyramid View - Test pyramid shows the % of different test types run.

Failure Analysis

Upload Data - To upload test data (log files) manually

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