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Style My Prints

Style My Prints Plugin for WordPress gives an option to your users to print blog posts in print friendly way.

Please read my blog post for details

The plugin is safe and should work fine with following themes and plugins:

I will try to add compatibility with more themes and plugins.

Note: I can't make the plugin ready to use for all sites, themes and plugins. So If you are looking so then consider 3rd party service like print friendly plugin

##How it works? All modern browsers support print stylesheet. If we define a stlesheet for prints in our site's head section. Print previews and prints will automatically follow those rules.

Since this plugin needs to very site specific. Like how your site is generating and rendering we will need to customize the CSS file depending on the same. It will be really easy to do when you are familiar with Chrome Developer Tools or Firebug Extension. Mozilla Firefox has now it's own similar tool called Inspector under Web Developer Tools and will be also fine.

##Wait! You should customize it first. Since the CSS part of the plugin will vary from site to site. You will need to customize before uploading the plugin to your live site.

However, You can also do edit the file after uploading the plugin. To do so use WordPress Plugins Editor Screen.

##How to fork this plugin? You may also fork and use this plugin for your site. It will be easier somehow to maintain the plugin and keep every edit and customizations safe. Read this article to know about forking. I will write an article about this forking stuff with GUI and not touching commands.

###License License: GNU General Public License v2.0


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