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Fixed unicode error in generating debugerror (closes #26).

The function works on strings, not on unicode. I wrote a
unicode version of that in Using that as filter for debugerror
template fixed the problem.
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anandology committed Nov 10, 2010
1 parent 75dcc97 commit fdda96d5c0e7076af2897708a7afb2c394726a68
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@@ -11,8 +11,8 @@
__all__ = ["debugerror", "djangoerror", "emailerrors"]
import sys, urlparse, pprint, traceback
-from net import websafe
from template import Template
+from template import websafe as uwebsafe
from utils import sendmail, safestr
import webapi as web
@@ -287,7 +287,7 @@ def prettify(x):
global djangoerror_r
if djangoerror_r is None:
- djangoerror_r = Template(djangoerror_t, filename=__file__, filter=websafe)
+ djangoerror_r = Template(djangoerror_t, filename=__file__, filter=uwebsafe)
t = djangoerror_r
globals = {'ctx': web.ctx, 'web':web, 'dict':dict, 'str':str, 'prettify': prettify}

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