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@kottapalli-in @pythonindia @pipalacademy
Bargava rouseguy

Data Scientist


Thejesh GN thejeshgn

{Thejesh GN ⏚ ತೇಜೇಶ್ ಜಿ.ಎನ್} Hacker, Blogger, InfoActivist, Developer, Web, FOSS, Open Data, Open Internet, Traveller, @datameet 0xBFFC8DD3C06DD6B0

Independent Technologist Bangalore, India

Arjun Kashyap arjunkashyap

Sriranga Digital Software Technologies Private Limited Mysore

Kenneth Reitz kennethreitz

I wrote Requests: HTTP for Humans. The only thing I really care about is interface design.

Heroku Winchester, VA

Noufal Ibrahim nibrahim

Infrastucture and automation specialist. Technologist and trainer. Founder @hamon-in, @pipalacademy and @TheLycaeum

Hamon Technologies LLP (@hamon-in) Kozhikode, Kerala

rajbot rajbot

san francisco, ca

Kiran Jonnalagadda jace

HasGeek Bangalore, India

Sidu Ponnappa kaiwren

GO-JEK Bangalore, India.

Armin Ronacher mitsuhiko

Software developer and Open Source nut. Creator of the Flask framework. Contributing to @getsentry and running @pallets and @lektor


Sridhar Ratnakumar srid

Available for work in early 2017.

On sabbatical (French immersion) Quebec City, QC

Edward Betts EdwardBetts


Cambridge, UK

Baishampayan Ghose ghoseb San Francisco, CA / Pune, India