Firewall Feed is an open source web based tool written on PHP to setup and manage your own IP address feed in your local network.
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You can read more about it in

GitHub -


Firewall Feed is a free tool, and source code is completely free for use, copy, modify or adopt into your own programs and products. You owe nothing to us, or to anybody else. We provide no warranty and if Firewall Feed causes any damage, we are no way responsible so don’t use it if you are not happy with our product.

  1. About Firewall Feed

Firewall Feed is a web based free tool that assists you to build your own IP address feed in your local network.

The tool facilitates maintaining IP addresses in a text file. As and when needed, you can add or remove IP address in the text file. Most Next Generation firewalls support reading of such text files on regular intervals, and you can enforce in firewall security policies to either allow or block traffic to these IP addresses. Hence you don’t need to make configuration change or commit on the firewall every time.

Yes, you are right. Firewall Feed is similar to spamhaus and other blocklists available on internet, but Firewall Feed is your own IP address feed that is running on your local LAN.

  1. Why do you need?

May be you are also like me and others, performing regular task of adding bad IP addresses on your firewalls to block suspicious traffic. Usually you receive this list from your CERT or SOC team. As security is major concern of everyone, delay is not at all acceptable in this case and you have to add those IP address right away after you are informed. What if you have to manage several main and branch firewalls ? Firewall Feed simplifies the job for you.

  1. Installation

All you need is

  • a Web server supporting PHP (of any version). No database is needed. No special folder permission needed.
  • extract files and copy to a web server folder. That's it. Try accessing your web url in Internet browser and you must see our home page.
  1. How to use?
  • Use "Add IP to Feed" page, as and when you add IP addresses, it gets appended to a text file.

  • Use "Remove IP from Feed" page, you can delete mistakenly added IP address from text file.

  • Use "View Feed" page to view text file entries. "View Feed" page url is the one that you need to configure in firewall appliance to read on regular interval.

  1. Roadmap

In the future releases, we are introducing bulk upload facility and feeds of domain names and URLs.