Playing around with BNIA data for Hack Baltimore.
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Baltimore Neighborhood Vital Signs

Playing around with BNIA data for Hack Baltimore, in the form of a basic AngularJS and d3js-powered webapp.

Live Demo


npm install
bower install
gulp watch

Then go to http://localhost:9000, and start hacking in app/.


The data in app/data is all originally from BNIA. Here's what's there:

  • csa_2010_boundaries/
    • CSA_NSA_Tracts.shp,.prj,.sbn,.sbx,.shx: Baltimore communities shapefile and related files from BNIA
    • CSA_NSA_Tracts.json: GeoJSON file generated from shapefiles using ogr2ogr.
    • CSA_NSA_Tracts.topo.json: TopoJSON file generated from the GeoJSON, with some simplification to make rendering faster when it's used by d3.

The feature in the topojson is called CSA_NSA_Tracts.

  • Vital Signs Codebook and Sources - Variables and Sources.csv: metadata about each indicator variable in the dataset, including how to variable names like "tpopXX" into "Total Population"
  • VS XXXX 2010-2012 - VS XXXX 2010-2012.csv: community data about section XXXX (Arts, Census, Crime, Education, Health, Housing, Sustainability, Workforce).

To correlate data across these files:

Community from shapefiles = id in topojson = CSA2010 in the VS*.csv data.

See Mike Bostock's d3 mapping tutorial for more on using ogr2ogr and topojson.

Angular module

<app/scripts/> defines the Angular module vitalsigns, which includes the following. (Note that there's a dependency on lodash.)

Data service vsData

A promise to an object with the following properties:

  • topojson: topojson of community regions
  • codebook: array of variable descriptions, one for each indicator in the dataset (from [Vital Signs Codebook and Sources - Variables and Sources.csv](app/data/Vital Signs Codebook and Sources - Variables and Sources.csv))
  • vitalsigns: a from community id to another map
  • variables: an array of variables that have been loaded from the csv data.
  • varInfo: a from variable to variable info (more useful than codebook).

Note that in codebook the variable names are suffixed with "XX", as it's a direct translation of the codebook CSV file, whereas in variables and varInfo, the suffixes are specific years, as in the actual community data files (e.g., "pwhite10").

Directive vs-map

<vs-map property="teenbir10">

Directive for creating a choropleth for the given indicator variable. Note that this depends on the styles in _maps.scss.

(It would be nice if this took some parameters, at the very least for sizing the svg.)


I'll let you know once I've done it :)


Anand Thakker Bryan Connor