Chrome extension to flag fake news on Facebook
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In the current media landscape, control over distribution has become almost as important as the actual creation of content, and that has given Facebook a huge amount of power. The impact that Facebook newsfeed has in the formation of opinions in the real world is so huge that it potentially affected the 2016 election decisions, however these newsfeed were not completely accurate. Our solution? FiB because with 1.5 Billion Users, Every Single Tweak in an Algorithm Can Make a Change, and we don't stop at just one.


The easy way

Go to the chrome web store and add our extension to your browser

The harder way

(For those who want the latest features)
  1. Download "extension" folder from our repository
  2. Then go to your extensions page, check the box 'Developer Mode'
  3. Click "Load unpacked extension..."
  4. Find the extension where you downloaded it and select it
  5. The extension should be added now
Backend Server Docker Container

To build the backend python server locally to use with the extension, this repository includes backend/Dockerfile.

Build the Docker image

cd backend/
docker build -t hackprincetonf16 .

Run the Docker container locally on port 5000

docker run -it --rm -p 5000:5000 hackprincetonf16

Update var server in extension/myScript.js to http://localhost:5000 before installing the extension manually.

About us

This project is still under development (a lot of work is required and is also being put in). All of us are Univeristy students trying to help solve a problem social media faces. As university we may sometimes take a while to fix issues or approve pull request, please bear with us. We are always on the lookout for sponsors for this project as we are non-profit and need money to run our servers and cover our API costs.

Contributing to this project

We love contributors. We are open source and every contribution helps. Please read for how to contribute to our project.


This project is protected under Open Software License 3.0

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