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Monky An Emacs mode for Hg

Monky provides an interactive interface for Hg.


(add-to-list 'load-path "path/to/monky/dir")
(require 'monky)

;; By default monky spawns a seperate hg process for every command.
;; This will be slow if the repo contains lot of changes.
;; if `monky-process-type' is set to cmdserver then monky will spawn a single
;; cmdserver and communicate over pipe.
;; Available only on mercurial versions 1.9 or higher

(setq monky-process-type 'cmdserver)


open any file in a hg repo and run M-x monky-status to see the current status. Look at the documentation for further details.


Heavily borrowed from Magit. Thanks to Marius Vollmer.


ananthakumaran (Anantha Kumaran)

lyro (Frank Fischer)

tkf (Takafumi Arakaki)

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