A commandline vulnerability reporter using WP-CLI and WPVulnDB
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A commandline vulnerability reporter using WP-CLI and WPVulnDB


Specially useful for server admin's managing the wordpress backend and what a quick list of vulnerable plugin's. Running wpscan is a tiresome process and does non needed bruteforce. Being a server admin the list of plugin's / themes could be directly extracted.


CommandLine Options

usage: wpscancli.py [-h] --path PATH [--vulnonly]

This program is used to run a quick wordpress scan via wpscan api. This
command depends on wp-cli

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  --path PATH  Provide URL
  --vulnonly   Only List vulnerable Items

Credit (C) Anant Shrivastava http://anantshri.info

Basic working

Wordpress management part is handed over to WP-CLI as it is doing its job too well. The list of plugin/theme's and respective versions is obtained from wp-cli are then used to extract results from wpvulndb.


  1. export report in csv/xml/json format

External Services used and credit where credit is due

  1. WP-CLI is used to get information from wordpress instance
  2. WPVulnDB API used to get the vulnerability data.

Project Rename

On 5th July 2017 We have renamed the project from wpvulndb_commandline to wpvulndb_cmd.