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Python3 terminal game of Mario with enemies, coins, powerups and lot more :)
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Mario Terminal Game By Ananya Arun


  • Mario character represented with 'M' 'O' '/'
  • Ground represented with 'X'
  • Clouds represented with '*'
  • Bricks represented with '#'
  • Coins represented with '0'
  • Enemy 1 represented with '@' '^'
  • Enemy 2 represented with '%'
  • Enemy 3 represented with '$'


  • 'd' to make mario move right
  • 'a' to make mario move left
  • 'w' to make mario jump
  • 'q' to quit the game

Functionalities and Rules

  • Enemies and background are randomly generated.
  • Bricks are present onto which mario can jump on collect coins and move around.
  • Mario has 3 lives in the begining and looses a live each for chashing into enemies.
  • score is increased by 1 for collecting coins.
  • Mario can gain points by jumping on top of enemies.
  • If mario crashes into a enemy first befor it lands after jump it looses a life instead of gaining 10 points.
  • Game ends when mario looses all its lives.

Enemy 1

  • enemy 1 is a regular enemy and dies when mario kills it
  • mario can behead (remove '@') this enemy and score increases by 1 for the same

Enemy 2

  • enemy 2 approches mario from right and keeps moving.
  • When jumped on score increases by 10 and all enemies of this kind freeze.

Eneny 3

  • enemy 3 approaches mario from left.
  • This chases mario and is a boss enemy which never dies.
  • When jumped on score increses by 10 but enemy 3 continues to move and chase mario


  • Level 1 is a basic level with less background complication and only enemy 2 and 3
  • Level 2 has mountains etc coming into background and more bricks in general.
  • Level 3 has enemy 3 coming into action and ideally mario needs to freeze enemy 2 to be able to score points by beheading all enemy 3.
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