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IOTW Micro-miner
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IOTW Micro-miner Pre-alpha Release

Help build IOT devices to operate on the IOTW Blockchain seamlessly.


IOTW is an IOT blockchain infrastructure using Proof of Assignment protocol that enables micro-mining on all connected devices and provides access to previously connected device to enable usage data for the development of both domestic and commercial applications. The project was launched in late 2018 with around 20 core team members. The goal of IOTW is to create a blockchain platform that connects IOT devices (or micro-miners), brings blockchain to every household industry and business.

The library for building micro-miners is now open sourced and can be used to create IOT device applications that communicate with the on-line IOTW Blockchain network and perform mining and various functions.


We will add notes about how to deploy micro-miners on the IOTW Blockchain soon. Please stay tuned.

Useful Resources

  • Visit our website for more information on the project and objectives.
  • Try our testnet with virtual IOT devices.
  • Your feedback is welcome.


Please note that this is a pre-alpha release and there will still be major changes to the library prior to a stable release. At this time we are focused on building process and testing as well as the continuous integration framework.


This project is protected by a license agreement that can be found in the root directory. Please see LICENSE for details.

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