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v0.4.3: making temp kubeconfig file created writable

07 Dec 17:26
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[0.4.3] - 2022-12-07


  • using alpine:3.17 and Crystal 1.6.2 to build
  • making kubeconfig file created by k8s-vault writable

v0.4.2: use alpine:3.15 to build

29 Nov 22:18
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[0.4.2] - 2021-11-29


  • using alpine:3.15 to build

v0.4.1: bumping Crystal & KCE ver, better error msg

10 Jun 16:38
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[0.4.1] - 2021-06-10


  • using newer version of Crystal
  • bumped to KCE v0.6.1


  • log user-friendly error when requested context is not found in KUBECONFIG

v0.4.0: adding CHANGELOG

17 Feb 12:30
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[0.4.0] - 2021-02-17


  • K8SVAULT_CONTEXT shell variable exported when new shell session is started,
    which can be used in PS1 to display current k8s-vault context
  • some spec tests


  • binary path in Docker image is not /bin/k8s-vault
  • make version now updates version in example config file
  • shard description updated to exclude special symbols
  • crystal version set to ~> 0.36.1
  • moved argument processing into run method of K8sVault module
  • moved helper methods to K8sVault module
  • do not display error message when SSH forwarder process is no longer available

v0.3.0: updating config format..

19 Jan 17:10
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BREAKING CHANGE: k8s-vault.yaml config format updated. clusters renamed to contexts

Make sure to update your k8s-vault.yaml, and update your shell completion script.
For macOS it's k8s-vault completion > /usr/local/share/bash-completion/completions/k8s-vault

  • switching from "clusters" to "contexts" to make more sense.
    since .context[*].name is supposed to match context name in KUBECONFIG

v0.2.2: remove external deps for bash completion

19 Jan 15:54
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  • removing dependency on external tools for bash completion

v0.2.1: upgrade to kce v0.6.0

19 Jan 15:10
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Signed-off-by: Anastas Dancha <>

v0.2.0: adding bash completion

18 Jan 20:42
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Initial version, starting from 0.2.0 since there is a BASH implementation already