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Sample test scripts for Selenium workshop at PyCon India, Bangalore 2014
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Sample test scripts

Selenium with Python:

It contains test scripts for a sample web application[1] which will be used as AUT at 'Test your Web Application with Selenium'[2], PyCon India[3], Bangalore, 2014.


- Python 2.7
- Firefox browser
- Selenium Python bindings


  1. Python and Selenium setup:
$ sudo yum install python       #Installs Python

$ sudo yum install pip-python   
$ pip-pyton install -U selenium     #Install Selenium Python bindings


$ mv config/config.conf.sample config/config.conf
# Replace with a suitable URL where against which you want to run your tests


  1. To run the test suite:
$ python --all

2.To run individual test case:

$ python -t list_verification
$ python -t image_verification
  1. HTML reports are generated and available in ./reports or at the user specified path as per the config.conf file.

  2. Basic Selenium script outline is available in

[1] [2] [3]

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