Debian-based Docker image configuration for the Airsonic media server
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This repository contains configuration files for building a Docker image for the Airsonic media streamer.


  • Airsonic (latest version)
  • Debian (latest stable)
  • Runs as normal user (UID 10000)
  • Checks upstream OpenPGP signatures

This was created because no other Docker build had those properties at the time. The official Docker image, for example, runs as root and builds on top of Alpine instead.

Build your own image

$ docker build -t <your-name>/debian-airsonic debian-airsonic

Get a pre-built image

A current image is available as a trusted build from the Docker index:

$ docker pull anarcat/debian-airsonic

The Docker repository page is at:

Run a container with this image

$ docker run \
  --detach \
  --publish 8080:8080 \
  --volume "/wherever/your/music/is:/var/music:ro" \

Arguments passed to docker run will be passed as-is on the Airsonic commandline, see the upstream configuration guide for more information about available options. For example, to enable TLS, you could do:

$ docker run \
  --detach \
  --publish 4040:4040 \
  --volume "/wherever/your/music/is:/var/music:ro" \
  <your-name>/debian-airsonic \
  -Dserver.ssl.enabled=true \


The host music directory mounted into the container at /var/music must be readable by user airsonic (UID 10000).

If you use a volume for the container's /var/airsonic, the host directory mounted there must have read-write-execute permissions for user airsonic (UID 10000).


This repository is maintained by anarcat but was partly based on work by mschuerig.