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some scripts cfitz wrote for ingesting into the AIMS project
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Email from cfitz:

These probably need some explaining....

For the first set of objects that we used (the Gould files), I  
received a directory of files that Peter had run the FTK toolkit over  
and had also run a program (I think it was call Avantstar Transit?)  
that generated HTML files from source files. So, I had to make few  
scripts that worked with this data in order to get them into fedora.
They are:

html_to_csv.rb : This takes the FTK Bookmark html files that are  
exported. These bookmark files have technical metadata, as well as  
descriptive metadata following a scheme that Peter had set up in the  
FTK application. This script aggrigates all the bookmark HTML files  
and adds them to a CSV file.

reorg_directory.rb : This script takes the CSV file and makes new  
directories for each of the objects to be imported into Fedora. It  
also copies all the source files and Transit converted HTML file for  
each object into their respective directory.

convert_objects.rb: This script takes the Transit HTML file, converts  
it to a postscript file, convert the postscript file into a PDF, and  
multiple per-page jp2000 and text files. This script will require  
ImagicMagick (with jasper + jp2000 libraries installed), ps2pdf, and  
perl (for the html2ps script).

aims_ingestor.rb: This script ingest files in the directories into  
Fedora. Metadata from the CSV file is added into Fedora's XML.  
Originally, the data model was set so the source object gets it's own  
fedora object, while the text/jp2000s/pdf/ect files get added as  
datastreams in a additional "child" fedora object. This script assume  
that it's being run in the script directory of a rails  application  
that has specific hydra models defined (AimsDocument).

That's about it. I've run these using Ruby REE  and they seem to still  
work fine. The convert objects can take awhile (a few hours),  
especially if you're using a machine without much processing power.
Let me know if there are any problems or if you have any questions!


FYI - to stanford folks, there's a copy of the files Peter gave me  
lyberadmin@salt-dev:~/Chris_08_27/ . The file structure I think is an  
artifact of the Transit application.
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