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* RSS 0.92 Feed Template for displaying RSS 0.92 Posts feed.
* @package WordPress
header('Content-Type: ' . feed_content_type('rss-http') . '; charset=' . get_option('blog_charset'), true);
$more = 1;
echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="'.get_option('blog_charset').'"?'.'>'; ?>
<rss version="0.92">
<title><?php bloginfo_rss('name'); wp_title_rss(); ?></title>
<link><?php bloginfo_rss('url') ?></link>
<description><?php bloginfo_rss('description') ?></description>
<lastBuildDate><?php echo mysql2date('D, d M Y H:i:s +0000', get_lastpostmodified('GMT'), false); ?></lastBuildDate>
<language><?php echo get_option('rss_language'); ?></language>
<?php do_action('rss_head'); ?>
<?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
<title><?php the_title_rss(); ?></title>
<description><![CDATA[<?php the_excerpt_rss() ?>]]></description>
<link><?php the_permalink_rss() ?></link>
<?php do_action('rss_item'); ?>
<?php endwhile; ?>
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