Plugins for fiwalk to run processes against files contained within disk images
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Fiwalk DGI scripts

These are Domex Gateway Interface ("DGI") scripts for fiwalk, a command-line tool that uses The Sleuth Kit to extract metadata from a forensic disk image. DGI is a plug-in mechanism for fiwalk that allows an external program to return metadata or other structured information to fiwalk as key/value pairs. fiwalk outputs in a variety of formats including Digital Forensics XML (DFXML) and ARFF.

More information on fiwalk and DFXML can be found in the link above and in Garfinkel 2012 (doi:10.1016/j.diin.2011.11.002; preprint available).

DGI key-value format

fiwalk (as of version 0.6) expects the following format:

Key-one: Value
keyTwo: Second value
YetAnotherKey: And another value still

Calling DGI scripts

DGI scripts for fiwalk are called from a ficonfig-formatted configuration file. ficonfig uses the following format

# globpattern    channel    args
*                dgi        python

More information can be found in the fiwalk documentation and the paper linked above. However, note that each glob is only matched once.

Included Scripts

  • Python
    • Uses FIDO for format identification against PRONOM
    • Uses ClamAV's clamd and pyclamd for virus/malware scanning
    • calls and
  • Ruby
    • get-mediainfo.rb: Uses MediaInfo for AV technical metadata extraction
    • virusscan.rb: Uses ClamAV and libclamav gem for virus/malware scanning (slow; proof of concept)

The dependencies for the Python scripts can be installed with the following commands:

$ cd python ; pip install -r requirements.txt


  • Mark A. Matienzo (mark at matienzo dot org)
  • Contributors/authors of included code listed in source or licenses where applicable.


Apache 2.0

Feel free to contact me if for some reason this will not work for your use.