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A Processing version of my Glitch-FX sketch with extra features
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A Processing version of my Glitch-FX sketch with extra features


This is a version of my Glitch-FX sketch on Open Processing done fully with original (Java) Processing 3.

This version also comes with the ability to load your own images as well as saving your own creations!


  • Press 'G' to generate a new effect on the image.
  • Press 'J' to save as .jpg (NOTE: when saving just type a file name without the extension)
  • Press 'P' to save as .png (same note as before)
  • Press 'X' to exit

Effects Included

  • Scramble
  • Scanlines
  • Warp
  • Pixel Burn
  • Noisy
  • Scanner
  • Jpg Degrade
  • Invert Saturation
  • OpenCV - Edge Detect
  • More will be planned in the very near future

Future Development

As of the latest version, any image will only be loaded as a fixed 1000 x 1000px size. I may try to find some method of allowing variable sizes/aspect ratios depending on the input image (with the settings() function), but for now, the size remains fixed.

September 2019 Update

  • Different aspect ratios can now be loaded without forcing the source to a 1:1 square! The image will be scaled down but the aspect ratio will remain as is.
  • OpenCV library added for use of the edge detection filters.
  • Invert Saturation filter added.
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