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The goal of the system is to assist developers in writing customer-friendly RESTful Web API functional requirements and also in documenting their API with the OpenAPI Specification.

The API Development process, using the proposed system, consists of two steps:

  1. Write resource files according to the Gherkin-Instructions.pdf document
  2. Run the Gherkin2OAS tool, which will in turn convert the Gherkin resource files to an OpenAPI Specification


  1. Clone or download
  2. Navigate to the folder and install the required packages
pip install -r requirements.txt
  1. Install textblob corpora:
python -m textblob.download_corpora
  1. Install graphviz for your OS:

  2. Add graphviz to your PATH if you are on Windows (it's something like C:\Program Files(x86)\Graphviz\bin)


  1. Navigate to the src folder
  2. Make sure you have at least one resource file written and the api_info.ini file filled
  3. Execute one of the following commands

Normal execution

python -f /path/to/resources

Execution with model from previous run (for speed gain)

python -m /path/to/model

You can also specify the -fg flag to enable graph fixing mode.


python -h

for help


  • The resource files must have '.resource' extension, can be organised in any number of folders and can co-exist with any number of other file types. The file names can have spaces, underscores or dashes.
  • The reliability of the system is secured through following the Gherkin-Instructions.pdf document. Failure to follow the described rules will definitely lead to invalid OpenAPI Specification and sometimes unsuccessfull execution of the software tool.
  • It is suggested to use the Sublime Text editor while writing the Gherkin resource files, with the following package


You can view a demo of the system in the following video: