Nordic nRF52 BLE Continuous Data Transmission
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Nordic nRF52 BLE - Continuous data transmission

This is an example code to demonstrate how to use Nordic nRF52 BLE chip for high data rate applications. It creates a custom service (AIS) which is intialised with a single data characteristic. Within the main section of the code, a sequence of numbers is contniously updated and transmitted. The packets are continuously transmitted after a connection is made for as long as there is no error and the previous packet gets succesfully transmitted.


  • SDK version: nRF_SDK_11.0.0-2.alpha
  • SoftDevice: SD132-SD-v2 (2.0.0)
  • The code is only for PCA10026 board and must be modified for others
  • The project is created in Keil uVision v5.17.0.0 (MDK-Lite v5.17)
  • The main project file is in ble_app_ais/pca10036/s132/arm5_no_packs
  • Refer to application note nAN-36 for getting started with creating a custom service
  • On the receiver side, the code has been tested with an iOS app and shows 6 packets being receieved per connection interval (30ms)


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