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useReducer without boilerplate
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function App() {
  const [count, actions] = useReduction(0, {
    increment: (count, { payload }) => count + payload,
    decrement: (count, { payload }) => count - payload

  return (
      <button onClick={() => actions.increment(2)}>+2</button>
      <button onClick={() => actions.decrement(2)}>-2</button>

useReduction minimizes reducer code by automatically creating action creators from your reducer object.

Write less code by using objects instead of switch statements for defining reducers.

Debugging is baked in. In debug mode, all dispatched actions are logged to the console.


npm install use-reduction

Note: React is a peer dependency. Its assumed you already have this installed for your project.


import useReduction from "use-reduction";
// Call the hook with an initial state and a reducer object:
const initialState = 0;
const reducer = {
  increment: (count, { payload }) => count + payload,
  decrement: (count, { payload }) => count - payload
const [state, actions] = useReduction(initialState, reducer);

The hook returns the current state and an object with action creators. When an action creator is called, an action ({ type, payload }) will be dispatched to update your state.


Action names are derived from reducer names to minimize boilerplate. Providing useReduction with a reducer increment() will generate an action creator also named increment() that dispatches an action with a type “increment” and uses the first argument as payload. increment(1) would use 1 as the payload provided to the reducer.

// use actions to update count from previous example
// count = 1
// count = -1


Pass true as the third argument in useReduction to enable debug mode. It will log the dispatched action to the console.

const [state, actions] = useReduction(initialState, reducerMap, true);
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