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Suggestion: Alphabetically Sort Charms in Combo Section #271

angelwick opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants

angelwick Urs Reupke

In trying to port my characters over into Anathema, I feel like I'm hunting for the Charms as they are listed in the Combo section. Would it be possible to have the Charms be sorted alphabetically by name rather than the pseudo-random order that they now appear?

Urs Reupke

Sounds reasonable, I'll see to it.

Thinking about it, though - what would you prefer,

  1. sorting by Ability first and alphabet second, or
  2. sorting by alphabet only?
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Urs Reupke

Let's try it with the alphabet first. If it is awkward to use, just raise another issue.

Urs Reupke UrsKR closed this
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