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This project is an exercise for the Intermediate Ruby class at RubyLearning.org

This is the base of a simple text adventure game. You are part of a team that wants
to enhance the game. Your  assignment comes in two parts, the first part is to be
done this week, and the second part is to be done next week.

Milestone 1 (first week): Add a Treasure class to advgame.rb. It is to be a subclass of
Thing. Place must be modified to be able to contain a Treasure, if desired, and
Place.look_at must show the Treasure or state that "There is nothing here.". It must
be possible for a Character to take a treasure from the Place. Character must be given
an inventory. When a Character takes a treasure from a Place it must no longer appear
in the Place, but instead be in the Character's inventory. You should add an
inventory method to Character that shows what Treasure(s) the Character is
carrying. The Character.look_at method must also show what treasures the
character is carrying or state that "You are carrying: nothing." You must,
of course, modify advgame_spec.rb to perform the proper tests on your additions.
You must also modify test_advgame.rb so that there is a Treasure (you name and
describe it) in "A Collapsed Passage", and a different Treasure in A Corner.
You should also modify test_advgame.rb so that it responds properly to the
command inventory by showing the Character's current inventory and to the command
take by taking the Treasure from the current Place and adding it to the Character's
inventory or by stating "There is nothing to take here.". Finally, modify
test_advgame.rb so that the Character must be carrying both treasures in order
to exit and win the game.

Milestone 2 (second week): Modify test_advgame_on_shoes.rb to honor the changes
made in Milestone 1. you should also modify it to show a small star overlaid on
the circle that represents a Place when that Place contains a Treasure. The star
should disappear when the Treasure has been taken. For extra credit, make
The Entrance and The Exit into diamonds instead of circles.