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@@ -174,16 +174,6 @@ html:
- or checkout the project as a subdirectory: tup init at a higher level, tup upd
- * use something other than '@=', to avoid confusion with @-variables
- * use the parser's get_relative_dir() when converting nodes into paths
- - support lists of nodes ('@+=' syntax for now)
- * 'include' should be able to handle both string variables and node-variables (and list of nodes)
- - probably shouldn't be able to put a node-variable into a string variable,
- as the path would then be incorrect if the string variable is used in another
- Tupfile (thus, node-variables are not a replacement for TUP_CWD)
- - places where it makes sense to string-ify a node-variable:
- * include
- * :-rules
- * run scripts
- - if using a syntax like 'node LIB_toolkit = toolkit/lib.tup', will likely
- have to restrict normal variable symbols as well
+ * trying to store an absolute path in a node var with full_deps on
+ - currently works if you add the node var after the full deps have been found

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