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Welcome to Railway Example App

before start

make sure redis server is started OR change config/database.js to use another driver. please note, sql drivers require command railway db migrate to create database and appropriated tables, make sure to run in before railway seed command.

to get started

git clone git:// lib-app
cd lib-app
npm install -l
railway seed
node server.js

to get started with MongoDB and MongoHQ

git clone git:// lib-app
cd lib-app
npm install -l
npm install mongodb
npm install mongoose

Then modify 'database.json' as follows;

{ "development":
   "driver":   "mongoose",
   "url":      "mongodb://<user>:<pass>@<server><port>/<db_name>"
}, "test":
  { "driver":   "memory"

(replace all entires with ecapsulation) MongoHQ provides all the details in regard to connection string.

Now finally run

node server.js

Nested resources in action!!

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