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Dotty Issue Runner

This is a tool to debug Dotty issues. It is an SBT plugin that allows you to write SBT commands in a text file like this:


  -classpath .

And have them executed in an SBT console in the rewritten, proper SBT form:

;dotty-bootstrapped/dotc  /Users/anatolii/Projects/dotty/pg/i7322/Macros_1.scala;dotty-bootstrapped/dotc  -Xprint:staging,reifyQuotes  -Xprint-inline  -Ycheck:all  -Yprint-pos  -classpath .  /Users/anatolii/Projects/dotty/pg/i7322/Macros_2.scala


It assumes you work on the issues under the following directory structure:

├── i1
│   ├── Macros_1.scala
│   ├── Macros_2.scala
│   └── launch.iss
├── i2
│   ├── Macros_1.scala
│   ├── Macros_2.scala
│   └── launch.iss
└── i7322
    ├── Macros_1.scala
    ├── Macros_2.scala
    └── launch.iss

So you have a dedicated workspace folder (workspace) and each issue has its own sub-folder inside that workspace (i1, i2, i7322). The issue folders contain the issue sources and the launch scripts (launch.iss).

First, run to copy the IssueRunner.scala into your global SBT plugins directory.

Next, run sbt console from the Dotty folder. Two new commands are available:

  • issuesWorkspace /path/to/issue/workspace – lets Dotty know where your issues are located
  • issue i1 – reads the SBT commands from /path/to/issue/workspace/i1/launch.iss, translates them to a one-liner SBT command and executes it from SBT.

Launch Script Syntax

The launch script syntax is the same as the SBT commands one with the following considerations:

  • Newlines are removed from the file contents
  • If a line starts with a non-whitespace character, ";" will be added at the beginning of that line. Otherwise the line is unchanged. This allows to write command arguments on separate lines if they are indented.
  • # starts a comment.
  • $here string is replaced by the absolute path to the directory of the issue.
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