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Polyfill for the CSS Round Display Specification
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jRound is a JavaScript polyfill to support CSS Extension for a round display that extends existing CSS features in order to help web authors to build a web page suitable for a round display. To understand proposed features, refer to the specification and see the demo page. jRound supports the current release of Chrome and may not work in other browsers.


Everything on the web is a rectangle. For example, the window content area in a web browser is a rectangle. Each HTML element follows the W3C box model and thus is also a rectangle. New devices with a round display are now emerging. The current web standards lack some features to support the devices as follows:

  1. Lack of the capability to detect a round display
  2. Lack of layout mechanisms suitable for a round display

In order to facilitate the use of the web on a round display, we need to rethink existing CSS features. Current user agents are not capable of detecting the shape of a display so that authors cannot apply a different layout for a round display. To resolve the issue, we propose to add the device-radius media feature to Media Queries. The feature informs the web page of the property regarding the shape of the display.

To apply the shape of a display to content area, we propose to extend the shape-inside property of CSS Shapes. We also propose to add the border-boundary property to CSS Borders and introduce polar positioning for a better web design suitable for a round display.

Related CSS Specifications


  • Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0
  • Copyright 2015 LG Electronics Inc.
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