Visualize your aws security groups.
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aws-security-viz -- A tool to visualize aws security groups

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Need a quick way to visualize your current aws/amazon ec2 security group configuration? aws-security-viz does just that based on the EC2 security group ingress configuration.


  • Output to any of the formats that Graphviz supports.
  • EC2 classic and VPC security groups


  $ gem install aws_security_viz
  $ aws_security_viz --help


  • graphviz with triangulation brew install graphviz --with-gts
  • libxml2 brew install libxml2*


To generate the graph directly using AWS keys

  $ aws_security_viz -a your_aws_key -s your_aws_secret_key -f viz.svg --color=true

To generate the graph using an existing security_groups.json (created using aws-cli)

  $ aws_security_viz -o data/security_groups.json -f viz.svg --color

To generate a web view

  $ aws_security_viz -a your_aws_key -s your_aws_secret_key -f aws.json
  • Generates two files: aws.json and view.html.
  • The json file name needs to be passed in as a html fragment identifier.
  • The generated graph can be viewed in a webserver e.g. http://localhost:3000/view.html#aws.json by using python -m SimpleHTTPServer 3000 (python2) or python -m http.server 3000 (python3)


$ aws_security_viz --help
  -a, --access-key=<s>       AWS access key
  -s, --secret-key=<s>       AWS secret key
  -e, --session-token=<s>    AWS session token
  -r, --region=<s>           AWS region to query (default: us-east-1)
  -v, --vpc-id=<s>           AWS VPC id to show
  -o, --source-file=<s>      JSON source file containing security groups
  -f, --filename=<s>         Output file name (default: aws-security-viz.png)
  -c, --config=<s>           Config file (opts.yml) (default: opts.yml)
  -l, --color                Colored node edges
  -u, --source-filter=<s>    Source filter
  -t, --target-filter=<s>    Target filter
  -h, --help                 Show this message

Advanced configuration

You can generate a configuration file using the following command:

  $ aws_security_viz setup [-c opts.yml]

The opts.yml file lets you define the following options:

  • Grouping of CIDR ips
  • Define exclusion patterns
  • Change graphviz format (neato, dot, sfdp etc)


To generate the graph with debug statements, execute the following command

$ DEBUG=true aws_security_viz -a your_aws_key -s your_aws_secret_key -f viz.svg

If it doesn't indicate the problem, please share the generated json file with me @

You can send me an obfuscated version using the following command:

$ DEBUG=true OBFUSCATE=true aws_security_viz -a your_aws_key -s your_aws_secret_key -f viz.svg

Execute the following command to generate the json. You will need aws-cli to execute the command

aws ec2 describe-security-groups


Graphviz export

Web view