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Releases: anchorcms/anchor-cms

Security & Bugfixes

07 Mar 12:13
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  • Fixed CVE-2018-7251 #1247
  • Fixing image URL on file upload PR #1236
  • Fixed errors with anchor/.htaccess by removing it and altering main .htaccess
  • Re-order the list of collations and make them utf8mb4
  • Add default use of utf8mb4 when creating the database
  • Allow use of MySQL or SQLite drivers & provide an option for it during installation.
  • Make sure we're not hardcoding the Charset and that it's in 1 place as well as being populated in the config once installation is complete.
  • Fix site variable edits

Note: This was previously 0.12.6 but it was broken so re-released it as 0.12.7

0.12.3 - Upgraded, and absolutely fantastic!

19 Jun 13:24
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This release brings a plentiful banquet of updates and fixes to the core of AnchorCMS. From fixing styling to actually grabbing the markdown, adding a dashboard to .htaccess fixes, and from a fix to timezones through to correctly choosing the code tags to use including all the features in between - did someone say robotic upgrader? This release has got us all on the edge of our seats, as we watch Anchor mature into a faster-than-superman, and über minimalistic CMS with a full suite of options.

Sail on!

Anchor Logo

0.12.1 - Fix updating from < 0.9.3

26 Feb 20:59
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An issue was occurring due to the alteration in the way we store the markdown and the parsed markdown. This has been addressed in this patch.

0.12 - Security Fixes, New Features & Better Stability

26 Feb 00:41
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In this release we see some much needed security fixes. Especially XSS. And some features as provided by the community.

We also see fixes to the drag & drop for images, as well as custom images fields.


23 Feb 09:37
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0.11 Pre-release

Security fix for #899

Bugfixes and changes

21 Sep 20:09
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Bugfixes and changes Pre-release


  • Fixes issues with 0.9.3-b that would not let you install from fresh

Please Note:

This is not "Production-Ready" it needs testing BUT it is what I would consider the next release of Anchor, there have been quite a few fixes and what I would consider quite a major change in terms of the database.