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Anchore is a set of tools that provides visibility, transparency, and control of your container environment. With anchore, users can analyze, inspect, perform security scans, and apply custom policies to container images within a CI/CD build system, or used/integrated directly into your container environment.

This repository contains the anchore analysis scanner tool (with a basic CLI interface), which is used as a low level component of the Anchore Engine. For new users and current users who have been looking to deploy Anchore as a centralized service with an API, a new open source project called the Anchore Engine has been released (with its own light-weight client CLI) which extends the capabilities of anchore beyond what usage of the scanner tool alone can provide. The new project page links are below, which include installation/quickstart instructions, API documents and usage guides.

If you would like to deploy Anchore as an API accessible service within your environment, you should visit the Anchore Engine project page to get started - note that the anchore-engine uses the anchore analysis scanner code from this repository as a dependency - if you're using the anchore engine you will not need to install the software from this repository manually.To get in touch with us regarding contributions or help with Anchore tools, please go to Contact Anchore page.

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