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Real Retro UART Board

Designed for RC2014.

Takes ancient UART devices like the 6402, AY-3-1015 and other similar UARTs from the 1970s and early 1980s.

No programming needed to set up the UART. Everything is in hardware and hardwired for 8 bits, 1 stop, 1 start and no parity. A 74LS92 counter divides the 1.8432MHz oscillator output to give a blistering 9600 baudrate.

Port addresses hardwired to 40h-5Fh. Actual addresses used are 40h which is the transmit and receive buffers (write and read respectively), and 41h which is the UART status: Bit 0 is high when a received byte is available and Bit 1 is high when the transmitter is empty and ready to take in a new byte for transmission.

Tested using the new 8085 Monitor and manually running the I/O routines to send an receive characters. A new 8085 Monitor will be available to take advantage of this board.

As usual the board is available for order from OSH Park:

Order from OSH Park

Viva Real Retro!!

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