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Real Retro 3KB RAM board for RC2014

Uses 2114 static RAM chips. Each chip has 1KBx4 of memory. You will need at least 2 chips for 1KB of RAM.

Starting address is 8000H. Not fully decoded as A13 is not connected. I decided to save on an OR gate.

Device pairing:
IC1 & IC4
IC2 & IC5
IC3 & IC6

Populate all JP1 for address starting at 8000H
Populate all JP2 for address starting at 9000H

(TESTED) 200ns RAM chips work with a Z80 CPU running at 14MHz. 450ns RAM chips may not work with a 7MHz Z80 CPU.

This version fixes the missing A0 and A1 lines in the original release.

Copyright Ben Chong and licensed freely back to the community.

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