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Monitor + EhBASIC ROM

These are the ROM images that combines the Monitor/Debugger and Enhanced BASIC. This is a 32KB image and can be used to program a 27256 or 28C256.

If your ROM address space is only 16KB, you will need to extract the top 16KB of the image to program your device.

BASIC can be launched by (G)oing to location $c100 from the Monitor. This is the cold start address.

The BASIC warm start address is at $c103.

To return to the Monitor, enter the SYS command.

monbas65_16C550.rom : For use with 16550 UART Boards, port address at $c0c0. Will use autoflow control if available. Does not use interrupts with software buffer.

monbas65_16C550_irq.rom : For use with 16550 UART boards, port address at $c0c0. Does not use autoflow control. Uses interrupts and software buffer.

monbas65_16c750.rom : For use with 16550 UART RevC board and TI16C750 UART chip (Mouser #1595-TL16C750FN). Uses autoflow control. Does not use interrupts.

monbas65_6551.rom : For use with 6551 ACIA board. Does not use interrupts. High risk of character overruns at 115200 baud

monbas65_6850.rom : For use with original RC2014 Serial I/O board with appropriate changes. Does not use interrupts.

monbas65_rruart.rom : For use with Real Retro UART board. 9600 baud only.

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