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hURL: A tool to fetch over HTTP, slanted towards load generation.

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A tool to fetch over HTTP, slanted towards load generation.

  hurl [options] url1 [url2 ... urlN]

  hurl -method POST -files "*.xml" -conns 10 http://localhost/svc/foo http://localhost/svc/bar

  -addr string
    	HTTP service address for monitoring. (default ":8080")
  -conns int
    	Number of concurrent HTTP connections. (default 2)
  -cpu int
    	Number of CPUs to use.
  -cpuprofile string
    	Write CPU profile to given file.
    	Discard received data.
  -files string
    	Pattern of files to post, like *.xml. Comma-separate for multiple patterns.
  -hdrdelim string
    	Delimiter for HTTP headers specified with -header. (default "|")
  -headers string
    	HTTP headers, delimited by -hdrdelim.
    	Show help.
  -loop int
    	Number of times to loop and repeat. (default 1)
  -memprofile string
    	Write memory profile to given file.
  -method string
    	HTTP method. (default "GET")
    	Disable HTTP compression.
    	Disable HTTP keep-alives.
    	Send X-RequestID header.
  -timeout duration
    	HTTP timeout. (default 10s)
    	Show version.
  -wd string
    	Set the working directory.

All of the options can be set via environment variables prefixed with "HURL_" - for instance,
HURL_TIMEOUT can be set to "30s" to increase the default timeout.

Options can also be specified in a TOML configuration file named "hurl.config". The location
of the file can be overridden with the HURL_CONFIG environment variable.
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